Chris Matthews’s disturbing obsession with Michele Bachmann

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Chris Matthews’s disturbing obsession with Michele Bachmann

Chris Matthews is obsessed with Michele Bachmann. Perhaps he has a secret crush on her, and insulting her is his bizarre way of getting her attention? Is he scared of her? Either way, Matthews can’t stop talking about her and in the process he can’t stop making a fool of himself. Glenn plays the truly disturbing audio on radio today that makes Matthews look more like a deranged stalker than a TV host. Watch a free clip HERE. Get more from The Blaze.

BONUS GAFFE: Watch the intellectually superior Chris Matthews explain to his audience that Egypt is strategically located next to the Panama Canal. WATCH

Muslim Brotherhood: The group that the media has lavished with praise is now sounding the battle cry: “Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel” – STORY.

Sleeping with Dictators

The unrest that kicked off in Tunisia and spread to Egypt is starting to spill over and spread to other countries. Today, the King of Jordan dissolved his government and several other nations are bracing for riots and protests of their own. Glenn explains how America has been stuck in the same old pattern of dealing with the Middle East – we keep choosing to support the bad guy over the worse guy. How can we break the cycle? Find out on radio today.

Rumors of War: Last week Insider Extreme premiered our most recent documentary, Rumors of War, and the timing of this vital documentary couldn’t be better. The current uprising in Egypt is a mirror image of the 1979 revolution in Iran. Iran’s revolution led to extremists running the country, and now they are one of the biggest threats to the United States and her allies. Could the same thing happen in Egypt? It is imperative we fully understand the mind-set and radical religious beliefs of the Iranian regime today. Educate yourself with a double encore presentation of Rumors of War Wednesday at 1pm ET and again at 8pm ET only on Insider Extreme.

Why all the snow? Union of ‘concerned scientists’ explains that all this extra snow is really due to global warming. Get the full story from The Blaze and watch a free clip at

S.E. Cupp to Glenn: Get over yourself! Find out why she had to set Glenn straight in this FREE CLIP from radio. S.E. Cupp has been named host of a new show coming to Insider Extreme which begins February 8th @ 1pm EST. Make sure you tune in for the premiere episode. Until then, want to get to know S.E. a little better? Check out her new webpage HERE.

Looking for Hope?

“THE WALK,” a bestseller by one of Glenn’s favorite writers (and good friend) Richard Paul Evans, is now out in paperback. It is the first in a new series about a broken man who walks across America in search of Hope. By reading it, you just might find some of your own. Evans is one of Glenn’s favorite writers and readers love this book. Richard has agreed to allow our newsletter subscribers to read the first three chapters for free. But watch out, once he hooks you with a story, he doesn’t let go. Click HERE to start reading and to watch the trailer!

Nanny State: Gov tells Americans to ‘eat less’ food

In the past Americans would typically laugh off ridiculous money wasting recommendations like this from the government. Stories like these today, however, become more frightening when realizing government now has a direct stake in the cost of national healthcare. What will they do when they can’t stop Americans from eating ‘too much’ food?  The foundation is being laid – get the full story from The Blaze, and get Glenn’s reaction on radio today.

Tonight on TV: What is the one word the media won’t tell you about regarding Egypt? Find out tonight at 5pm only on The Fox News Channel! Check out the study guide from last night’s TV show HERE.

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