Egypt erupts into violence

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Egypt protests erupt into violence

Most in the media failed to pay attention and investigate beneath the surface of the Egypt protests – as a Glenn Beck listener/viewer you were well aware of what the protest instigators were looking for: violence. And that’s just what they got today as the already violent protests erupted into an all out street war. The Blaze has the live feed and complete coverage HERE – and don’t miss Pat Gray’s reaction on radio (filling in for an under the weather Glenn).

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Pat trashes Global Warming scientists in their own words

Most of Americans today are fighting yet another winter storm – the latest in a seemingly endless line of arctic blasts that make the planet Hoth look like a tropical vacation spot. One would think this isn’t necessarily the best time for Al Gore to come out and say that all this global warming is causing the rash of blizzards. But that didn’t stop big Al from coming out and declaring just that. Pat destroys hack global warming scientists and Gore, who curiously didn’t mention anything about the coming global warming blizzards in his atrocious ‘Neptune’s bones’ poem. Get the full story and watch clip of Pat’s conversation with Gore HERE.

S.E. launches February 8th

S.E. Cupp has been named host of a new show coming to Insider Extreme which begins February 8th @ 1pm EST. Make sure you tune in for the premiere episode. Until then, want to get to know S.E. a little better? Check out her new webpage HERE.

Looking for Hope?

“THE WALK,” a bestseller by one of Glenn’s favorite writers (and good friend) Richard Paul Evans, is now out in paperback. It is the first in a new series about a broken man who walks across America in search of Hope. By reading it, you just might find some of your own. Evans is one of Glenn’s favorite writers and readers love this book. Richard has agreed to allow our newsletter subscribers to read the first three chapters for free. But watch out, once he hooks you with a story, he doesn’t let go. Click HERE to start reading and to watch the trailer!

SAD: Matthews compares Tea Party to Muslim Brotherhood

Christ Matthews is not only a stalker these days (see: obsessed with Bachmann), he’s also gone completely insane. His points make no sense whatsoever, he thinks Egypt is situated next to the Panama Canal, and gets his show prep from a high school teacher. It’s really sad to see Matthews go through a Milli Vanilli-esque rise and fall — except, of course, minus the talent of both Milli and Villi. Watch Matthews go all Rob and Fab HERE.

Encore: Rumors of War

Last week Insider Extreme premiered our most recent documentary, Rumors of War, and the timing of this vital documentary couldn’t be better. The current uprising in Egypt is a mirror image of the 1979 revolution in Iran. Iran’s revolution led to extremists running the country, and now they are one of the biggest threats to the United States and her allies. Could the same thing happen in Egypt? It is imperative we fully understand the mind-set and radical religious beliefs of the Iranian regime today. Educate yourself with an encore presentation of Rumors of War tonight at 8pm ET only on Insider Extreme.

Student confronts anti-Capitalist professor

Progressive Professors often go unchallenged and have a green light to indoctrinate, but every now and again a brave conservative student will confront the propaganda. A caller on radio today told of how his professor reacted after he challenged the assertion that Capitalism had failed twice. How did the confrontation end up? Find out on radio today.

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