Media still doesn’t get it

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Media still doesn’t get it

The media still thinks that the protests in Egypt are simply freedom loving Egyptians seeking self determination, and Mubarak supporters starting violence to quell them. That’s as deep as the media will go – but does anyone really believe thousands of years of turmoil in the Middle East can be boiled down to just that? Glenn’s theory – which must be on to something because the left has rapidly sprung into action to discredit it – offers context and in-depth analysis. Get the 3 main points of Glenn’s theory HERE.

Hannity confronts radical cleric

Sean Hannity confronted radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary on his program last night over his plans for an Islamic uprising, and instituting sharia law in the UK and elsewhere. Choudary unapologetically hopes for the Muslim Brotherhood to use this opportunity to gain control amidst the Egyptian turmoil. This confrontation serves as proof of what Glenn has said is coming – get the details HERE.

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The 7…Live!

Tomorrow at 2pm ET, Dr. Keith Ablow once again is LIVE and helping another person on their journey to press the reset button. This week it’s Ron Usner, a 26 year old heroin addict. He’s been in and out of jail since high school, causing untold damage to himself and his family. Ron has tried to get clean in the past – will this time be different? Watch the episode for FREE tomorrow at 2 pm EST. Get all the details and an overview of last week’s show HERE.

Another ‘peaceful protest’ from the left

Code Pink, the leftist group the media routinely applauds, has not only been working with the Muslim Brotherhood, they have been active in America as well. Their latest peaceful protest saw members saying they wanted to hang Clarence Thomas, kill Fox News executives, and one even challenged Glenn to a duel with her ‘Glock.’ Imagine if a Tea Partier said this? Game over. Glenn has more on Code Pink and their role in Egypt HERE.

Amanpour, Cooper attacked by Egyptian protesters who ‘hate’ AmericansWATCH

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Nanny State: NYC looks to ban smoking in parks and Times Square – get the full story from The Blaze.

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