Glenn haters humiliate themselves yet again

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Shocker: Glenn correct, Glenn haters wrong

Two nights ago when Glenn told the audience to do their own homework and look up and learn about the Caliphate, instantly Caliphate launched to #1 on Google Trends most searched topics. Glenn asked the audience to go to work again, this time the subject was Islamic Socialism — and it promptly launched to #1. All the Glenn haters in the media are ramping up the hate – but do they have any facts to back up the rhetoric? Nope – but Glenn does. Get the details from radio today.

Unemployment drops to 9.0%, but only 36,000 jobs added

Obamanomics year 3 kicks off with a dud: the unemployment rate ticked down from 9.4% to 9.0%, but only 36,000 new jobs were created in January. That’s about 110,000 fewer than the ‘experts’ predicted, of course, when are the ‘experts’ ever right on that? Get the latest from The Blaze. Check out the scariest job chart ever HERE.

Couric latest anchor mobbed by Egypt protesters

Katie Couric attempted to report from Egypt, but was repeatedly thwarted by mobs of protesters who kept running in front of her. She’s not the only one – Anderson Cooper has been attacked twice now, a Fox News crew was attacked, and Christiane Amanpour had to escape an angry crowd who claimed to ‘hate’ America. Watch the clip of Couric getting shouted down, Glenn’s reaction, and the latest on Egypt HERE.

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The 7…Live!

If you missed today’s episode of “The 7…Live” don’t worry you can watch it HERE along with previous episodes. Today’s guest was Ron Usner, a 26 year old heroin addict. He’s been in and out of jail since high school, causing untold damage to himself and his family. Dr. Ablow meets with him today to begin the healing journey…find out what happened by watching today’s episode for FREE. Programming Note: Beginning next week, “The 7…Live” will begin airing on Wednesdays at 3 pm ET, so be sure and tune in for the next episode on Wednesday!

Super Bowl preview: Not the game, Glenn clearly has no interest in that, but he does like the commercials. You can get a preview of all the Super Bowl commercials right now at The Blaze. Plus, don’t miss Glenn’s interview with the always hilarious Frank Caliendo HERE.

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The left’s next target: buying journalists

Free Press – the progressive group who has the ear of the FCC and White House – has previously called for the government to start using the AmeriCorps system to fund ‘news gathering organizations’ and journalists.  Earlier this year George Soros took the first step and paid for 100 journalists at NPR – and now the FCC is quietly pushing companies to partner with certain non-profit journalism centers. One guess as to what ‘non-profit’ firm the FCC has forced NBC newsrooms to ‘partner’ with…get the answer from radio today.

TV Tonight: The latest on Egypt – and the evidence leftist hacks in the media don’t want you to see tonight at 5pm, only on The Fox News Channel!

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