Caught on tape: SEIU alum organizing to collapse U.S. economy

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Caught on tape: SEIU alum organizing to collapse U.S. economy

Glenn revealed bombshell audiotape evidence of a former SEIU top official, Stephen Lerner, explaining to a group of labor leaders his plans and desire to collapse the stock market and create another financial crisis in the United States. Will this attempt at economic terrorism be taken seriously by the Department of Justice? Get Glenn’s take, the disturbing audio from The Blaze, and the reaction to the story from The Business Insider HERE.

SEIU protesters take over bank HQ

Since Stephen Lerner is no longer at SEIU, the left will undoubtedly claim that SEIU doesn’t have any connection to his ideas. Except, SEIU is still employing the exact tactics he advocates. SEIU rent-a-protesters mobbed a bank in Pennsylvania recently and disrupted business for a portion of the day. Check out video of the protest and Glenn’s reaction HERE.

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Rep. Allen West rips Harry Reid

West has already gone viral with his takedown of a CAIR representative who tried to ‘blow sunshine up [his] butt’ and now he’s done it again – this time at the expense of Harry Reid. West took exception to Reid’s comment and launched into a bit of an impersonation of Reid. Check out the video HERE.

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SE Cupp Show: Is President Barack Obama obscuring his past and replacing it with a slickly ghostwritten narrative? Jack Cashill, author of Deconstructing Obama, joins the S.E. Cupp show tomorrow at 1 pm ET to discuss the possibility that our president has been less than forthright regarding his life before he entered public service, and asks the question: who wrote Barack Obama’s autobiography, Dreams from my Father?  Check out a small preview of the interview HERE.

Kid who bullied Casey not sorry (video)

The skinny bully who was given a face full of concrete courtesy of Casey the Punisher has spoken out in a new interview. Instead of apologizing for his behavior, he says that Casey bullied him first. Highly unlikely given the calm, non-confrontational demeanor in which Casey demonstrated. Check out the interview and decide for yourself. WATCH

Obama’s war:

  • 2007 Obama: “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”
  • U.S. F-15 Fighter jet crashes in Libya
  • 1998 Biden“The rationale for vesting the power to launch war in Congress was simple. The Framers’ views were dominated by their experience with the British King, who had unfettered power to start wars. Such powers the Framers were determined to deny the President.”

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