Huge turning point for Bill O’Reilly?

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Huge turning point for Bill O’Reilly?

During Bill O’Reilly’s signature Talking Points monologue last night, he was breaking down the so called budget compromise and arrived at a conclusion that was in line with much of what Glenn has been saying for some time now. O’Reilly said the left wants ‘government to control the economy’ and ‘recast’ the economic system – and they’ll do it by causing economic collapse. Glenn plays the segment from the O’Reilly Factor last night and explains why it ‘astounded’ Glenn – check it out from radio today.

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Piven, West admit: Glenn was right

Glenn plays the audio on radio today where leftist Cornel West admits that yeah, Glenn has been right all along. When asked by an interviewer about Glenn’s assertion that the left is purposefully trying to organize the poor and push them to riot, West doesn’t refute the claim and says he’s ‘proud to be a threat’ to the American system. Glenn also plays the clip of Francis Fox Piven who just can’t help herself and says making trouble is the ONLY way for people to get involved in the political process. Get the clips and Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Solidarity? Teachers Union endorses convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

So much for all those unions standing in solidarity with the cops, firefighters and teachers in Wisconsin. The AFL-CIO and the California Teachers Union have come out and endorsed convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Jamal shot and killed Officer Daniel Faulkner, at point blank range in December of 1981, and now he’s getting all kinds of support from the same unions who supposedly love police officers. Glenn asks anyone who is in a union or knows someone in a union to pass this story around – let people know who is ‘leading’ their unions. Is THAT who you want to be partnered with? Glenn has more on radio today.

Alan Simpson: Men can’t vote on abortion?

Former Republican Senator Alan Simpson must be feeling a little irrelevant these days because he’s taken the cheapest route to the limelight: going on MSNBC and bashing Republicans. Simpson lashed out at the ‘homophobes’, ‘hypocrites’, and ‘anti-women’ in his former party. Simpson also made the incredible statement that men should not be allowed to vote on the issue of abortion. Is he lobbying to land a show on MSNBC? Get the full story from The Blaze.

Glenn on Tour: Glenn is on the road all week visiting cities across America. Get updates from the road HERE and check out this video of The Blaze mascot learning how to bust a move.

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Mika Brzezinski goes on a sexist, racist rant

Mika revealed a lot about her character on MSNBC recently when she went on the attack and unleashed an ugly rant full of racism and sexism. She blamed the problems of today solely on white men, specifically targeting the top 30 earners in the United States – clearly demonstrating her utter lack of knowledge on the economy. The top earners already contribute far more than their ‘fair share’ while bottom earners pay little. There will always be rich, and there will always be poor – will Mika ever be able to overcome her rich guilt and accept that fact? Glenn has the audio and details on how ridiculous Mika’s (and many who think like her) progressive dream is.

Obama’s wish is coming true: $5 gallon gasoline is on the way – DETAILS.

Glenn Interview: Check out Glenn’s interview on radio today with Father Jonathan Morris who just released a new book titled: God Wants You Happy: From Self-Help to God’s Help. Check out the interview HERE.

One of the weirdest interviews of all time: Trump on 700 Club

The audio kicks off with Trump saying he believes in God, the Bible is ‘the thing’ and that he’s had a great relationship with his church over the years. It then gets a little odder when Trump talks about all the Bibles being sent to him – how he keeps them in a ‘very nice place’ and would never do anything negative to them. What Trump believes is not up for debate – that’s not for man to judge – but the way Trump is speaking during the interview only raises more questions. Glenn has audio and reaction on radio today.

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