Who’s worse: Weiner or Alec Baldwin?

Who’s worse: Weiner or Alec Baldwin? Just when it didn’t seem possible to stoop any lower than disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner – Alec Baldwin comes to the rescue. Baldwin – an actor, possible NYC Mayoral candidate, and really mean to his ‘little pig’ daughter – says Weinergate was no big deal and that he was probably just blowing off steam. Glenn plays the audio of Baldwin chewing out his 11-year-old daughter via voicemail and wonders, if it were Weiner vs. Baldwin running for Mayor – who would he vote for? The answer HERE.

What the critics are saying about GBTV:

  • ‘It made my $30 webcam podcast from in front of my apartment window kinda look like a $30 webcast from in front of my apartment window’ – Keith Olbermann
  • ‘The Spooky Dude cartoon made me look 20 years younger – like I was 86 again’ – George Soros
  • ‘I didn’t watch, but I am really outraged at the outrageous things Glenn Beck said during his initial hate-cast’ – Unnamed liberal blog

*The above aren’t actual confirmed quotes – but there is a 87% chance they were said off the record. In all seriousness, industry experts and critics are responding with nothing but praise. Find out why by watching the highlights of the GBTV LAUNCH episode HERE and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter: Get more details about GBTV HERE.

Rick Perry 2012?

Newt Gingrich is having some problems as several key members of his staff have quit, leaving the impression Newt’s campaign is near breathing its last. Who will fill the void? Rumors are swirling that Texas Governor Rick Perry is strongly considering making a run for the GOP Presidential nomination. Co-host Pat Gray has had issues with Perry in the past. Is Perry the right guy for the job? Glenn, Pat and Stu discuss on radio.

Can Herman Cain survive controversial comments?

Herman Cain is a Tea Party fav because he isn’t a groomed politician. He’s an outsider who says what he means and means what he says. The problem with that is, of course, he’ll eventually hack someone off. He’s sparked controversy lately with his comments about gays and also his comments about Muslims. Can he survive them? Glenn plays the clips in question and responds on radio today.

Pat’s audio vault CLASSICS

Pat had to do some spring cleaning with his audio vault, whatever that means. All you need to know is that before he ‘cleaned’ out some clips to make room for new ones, some incredible classics were aired on radio today. From Alex Jones to Charlie Sheen to the lady who pleaded government to give her high speed internet access. Listen to the hilarious clips HERE.

The Blaze sits down with Chris Stewart: More fascinating history from The Miracle of Freedom author…READ

Politico caught making up Palin quote

There is a dangerous trend happening on the internet – people think it’s fun to make up quotes and spread them around. It’s bad enough when people are spreading false Abe Lincoln quotes in which Honest Abe says something like ‘Obamacare is unconstitutional’ – but it’s even worse when news outlets get in on the act. Politico got busted fabricating a Palin quote from her bus tour – and she called them out. Read the false quote and the story at The Blaze.

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