NFL star angers fans by reading Glenn’s book

Al Jazeera targets Glenn Beck, calls him a terrorist: Hillary Clinton’s favorite news source bashes Glenn. READ. Glenn will respond on radio tomorrow.

NFL Star angers fans by reading Glenn Beck book

Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver and one-time Dancing with the Stars contestant Chad Ochocinco has caused quite a controversy among his 2.3 million fans on Twitter. What did the outspoken star do to hack off so many? He read a book. The real crime, of course, is that he was reading a book written by Glenn Beck. The best part is Ochocinco didn’t back down and said he’d read the book and decide for himself. Get Glenn’s reaction from radio HERE.

Less than 30 days away to Restoring Courage

In less than a month from now Glenn and thousands of others from around the world will stand and show their support for Israel and the Jewish people. At a time when the world is starting to point the finger and blame Israel for all the problems in the Middle East, someone needs to support the only country in the region with actual freedom. Glenn and thousands of others will do that in Jerusalem this August. Can’t make it? Find out how you can host/attend a viewing party and help support this great event HERE.

Norway tragedy: media blames U.S. conservatives Glenn warned long ago, during the infamous ‘railroad track’ monologue on TV, what was coming in Europe. Glenn explains on radio today how the ‘left and right’ over there is different from the ‘left and right’ here in America and how it all ties into this crazed shooter who needlessly took the lives of over 90 innocent people – including children. Glenn’s reaction to the shooting HERE and see how the media is already pointing the finger at American conservatives HERE.

Media quick to call shooter a ‘right wing, Christian extremist’ – but was he? The shocking (or not) answer HERE.

GBTV THIS FRIDAY: SE Cupp & Paul Ryan S.E. heads to Capitol Hill to get Congressman Paul Ryan’s take on the nation’s fiscal problems and the implications of electing President Obama to a second term — FREE CLIP. Catch up on previous ‘Uncensored’ interviews with Donald Rumsfeld and Herman Cain available only at!

Fareed Zakaria blames the Tea Party for DC polarization President Obama’s buddy and CNN host Fareed Zakaria can only see one possible explanation for the polarization in Washington D.C. right now – and all the blame lies with the Tea Party. Yep, not the President mocking those who protest against him, clinging to their God and guns while waving their ‘tea bags’ around — couldn’t have been that. It’s those darn Tea Party people causing all the problems! Audio & reaction HERE.
Stu Blog: Who’s ready for a little Egyptian style revolution in New Jersey? LOOK.

Is the debt ceiling a giant set up?

Glenn thinks so. Does anyone really believe they are serious about cutting spending? In the last few years these same politicians have passed three separate $1 trillion spending bills and our debt has increased 40% in the last 2 years. Why else would they continue the massive spending unless there was another motive? Glenn has more on radio today – WATCH.

Are you up for The Challenge?

There’s one question on the minds of millions of Americans lately: what can I do? Glenn’s new challenge is here to show you that by gathering with like-minded friends and learning our real history, real change can happen. The first mission has been released – take the challenge HERE.

The Law Firm of Massa, Wu & Weiner

Congressman Wu is the latest in a long line of United States politicians to be involved in a sex scandal. For years we’ve been told that the sexcapades of politicians doesn’t matter – the truth is that it does. How many politicians right now have something to hide? The number is likely high, and it’s even more likely that their enemies could use that information against them. How dangerous could that be? Glenn explains.

Traitor? Cynthia McKinney is at it again

Just a few weeks ago former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was in Libya talking about how bad America is and that we should be more like Libya. Now more video of the former Congresswoman has surfaced of her on Iranian TV saying America is the most violent nation on the planet and responsible for assassinations. Video of McKinney’s interview HERE.

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