The Tea Party is being set up?

Chris Matthews drunk on air?

Glenn has the disturbing audio from a recent episode of ‘Hardball’ in which Chris Matthews is having an extremely difficult time communicating. His points were incoherent – par for the course – but he was also having trouble pronouncing words and speaking the English language in general. Did Matthews consume vast amounts of alcohol shortly before his program? If anyone can spot an alcoholic – it’s Glenn, who is a recovering alcoholic. Check out the segment and you decide. WATCH

Glenn Beck: The Tea Party is being set up

The media is quick to point out that ‘the Tea Party won’ the debt debate, going as far to say that they are bullying the President with the Vice President reportedly calling them ‘terrorists’. That’s quite interesting spin because there aren’t many (if any) Tea Party members praising this deal. In fact, it’s the opposite – they are not happy with it at all. So why would the media – who not long ago mocked and belittled the Tea Party relentlessly – suddenly paint the false picture that the Tea Party is running the show? Glenn explains on radio today.

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Sheila Jackson Lee: Read the bill!

Oh, Democrats. It was only a short while ago that Democrats were begging Americans to NOT read the healthcare bill – just wait and be surprised at what’s inside! But that was then – now Democrats are demanding that the entire bill be read! And who better to lead the charge than Sheila Jackson Lee? WATCH.

Glenn’s interview with Rand Paul

Fresh off a horrific, journalistic integrity free interview with CNN, Senator Rand Paul joined Glenn on radio to talk about that but more importantly to go over the latest with the debt deal. The media says the Tea Party won the day – but Tea Party candidate Rand Paul doesn’t agree with that assessment. Get the full story HERE.

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New on GBTV: Preview of “Uncensored” with Thad McCotter

The GOP presidential hopeful you don’t know about but should: Thad McCotter joins S.E. Cupp on a new Uncensored episode this Friday. The Congressman offers up insight on the economy if President Obama gets reelected — it looks similar to Jimmy Carter’s stagflation – FREE CLIP. Plus catch up on The Making of GBTV reality series and get access to all the Restoring Courage events coming up – all available only on GBTV.

Dramatic ‘climate change’ Polar Bears are drowning commercial UPDATE

Remember the overdramatic Polar Bear commercial that claimed the bears can’t find food any longer, they’re drowning, they have no hunting grounds, mom bears are angry – all because of climate change. Well, here’s the update: the basis of all these claims? Yeah, not exactly true. Polar Bear population has increased 400% in the meantime – get the full story HERE.

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