MSNBC lectures conservatives on…the Bible?

TONIGHT ON GBTV: The show you have been waiting 2 years for – Glenn goes over everything you need to do to prepare your family for the inevitable. Politicians see the iceberg but are still heading for it. Brace for impact – find out how tonight at 5pm only on GBTV! The show will also be available on demand.

PLUS: Hear Glenn’s emotional explanation of why getting prepared is so important now more than ever before. WATCH

Apology tour FAIL: Japan denies Obama

If there’s anything America shouldn’t have to apologize for, it’s defending itself in World War II after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. But a new WikiLeak reveals that President Obama sought to do just that – apologize to Japan for dropping a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Japan said thanks, but no thanks. Glenn’s reaction to Obama’s failure HERE.

Scary: Jesse Jackson Jr. wants dictator Obama

After calling for ‘direct hiring’ of millions by the federal government to end the jobs crisis, Jesse Jackson Jr. applauded President Obama’s recent move to subvert Congress and just start implementing things on his own. What does Jackson Jr. think of people who stand up to the Constitution? The shocking answer on radio today. WATCH

The worst diet ever?

Does it belong to weight challenged Michael Moore? Maybe – but Michelle Obama is giving him a run for his money. The First Lady’s diet is notoriously unhealthy, even though she’s leading the charge in getting fatty foods off the shelves for the rest of America to enjoy. It’s reported she eats at Chipotle and Baskin Robbins, which seems counterproductive to achieving her goal of putting fast food out of business. Get all the details HERE.

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American Made Candles at Unbeatable Prices. . . .

The smell of Buttered Maple Syrup and Hot Apple Pie aren’t just the cozy aromas of a baker’s home; they’re the scents of Crossroads Candles. Today, Markdown has partnered with Crossroads Candles, a company that offers 48 varieties of candles in 4 different sizes that are all Made in America.  Get a $50 voucher for just $25 for a limited time only at!

MSNBC lectures conservatives on… the Bible?

Morning Joe took an interesting twist this week when they decided to lecture American conservatives on the teachings of the Bible. Joe Scarborough used the tired old liberal tactic of citing Matthew 25 and said Christians ‘miss the point’ of Jesus’ teachings. Completely unoriginal point – and also completely wrong. Find out why on radio today. WATCH.

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