Glenn tells Cain how to handle the ladies

Tonight on GBTV: Don’t miss Glenn’s sit down with Congresswoman and GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, plus what has Glenn more scared than almost ever before? And find out why host of CNBC’s Mad Money Jim Cramer recently said, “We are in DEFCON 3, two stages from a financial collapse so huge it’s hard to get your mind around.” Find out that and more tonight at 5pm only on GBTV! Check out a preview HERE.

Pathetic: Grown men cry over Occupy Library demolition

Glenn played some of the most pathetic audio you’ll ever hear in your life – two men weeping at the thought of their Occupy Library being taken down. A little ironic how the same people constantly begging for more government intrusion and regulations are upset that they cannot build a makeshift library without getting any of the proper permits to do so. Hypocrisy aside, these two saps had a good cry on radio today. Check out the clip and reaction HERE.

Another day, another Herman Cain sex scandal

The truth is so hard to find amidst all the lies these days it makes it hard to say with certitude whether or not all of these accusations piling up against former pizza tycoon Herman Cain are in any way legit. Are people just trying to gain their 15 minutes of fame or is Herman Cain as prolific a scorer as Wilt Chamberlain? Glenn has more on the latest Cain sex allegation on radio today. How’d Cain handle it? Find out HERE.

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Dating 101: Glenn tells Cain how to handle the ladies

Herman Cain’s constant flow of sexual misconduct allegations against him sparked a heated debate on radio today. What are the types of situations at work that are acceptable to engage in and which are unacceptable? Glenn gets a little heat from the rest of the radio crew for his firm stand that he shouldn’t take a member of the opposite sex out to dinner. Hear Glenn’s argument and reaction from the team and take the Blaze POLLto settle the score.

Preserving history: Glenn reads history long forgotten

Progressives have done their best over the last century to erase as much history as possible. It’s the only way progressivism can succeed going forward – Glenn talked on radio how it’s imperative we hold on to as much history as possible before it’s gone for good. We must be people of character and use examples like George Washington as a model for our lives – because a big storm is about to hit. Glenn reads from Being George Washington on radio today – WATCH.

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What would the American Revolution been like with Twitter? Find out by following @NYGazetteer as embedded reporter Josiah Teasdale live-tweets over the next 2 weeks from the trenches, including crossing the Delaware and two Battles of Trenton to relive the 13 days that shook the world and shaped America. Get the backstory and all the details HERE.


Glenn has been talking about the perilous state of the economy for years, far longer than nearly every host or pundit out there, and now many others are starting to come around now seeing the dire consequences Glenn sees coming. Jim Cramer, host of the popular program ‘Mad Money,’ recently came out with an incredibly shocking quote about possible economic collapse. Glenn has more on the fragile state of the global economy on radio today. WATCH

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