Crying Walker opponent: This is the end of democracy!

Governor Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin quickly turned into a pity party for the left

Crying Walker opponent: This is the end of democracy!
Governor Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin quickly turned into a pity party for the left. And while most took to the airways in full fledge spin mode, others had still not come to terms with the embarrassing defeat. Perhaps the most entertaining interview came courtesy of CNN and a random protester, who took it as an opportunity to cry about the end of his beloved democracy. Glenn played the audio on radio this morning.

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6pm ET – Real News: Scott Walker survived the recall 53% to 46% – a margin wider than his first victory in November of 2010. What message does this send to the public sector unions? How will this impact the November election? Find out tonight!

Happy days are here again! Gloat Fest 2012
Last night was a big election for the left, with many in the media claiming that it was the most important election before November. The left was ready and the unions were organized. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t enough to get Wisconsin to recognize that Scott Walker had actually done some good things in office and (shocker) maybe progressive politics weren’t the answer. You bet happy days are here again!

BLOG: MSNBC’s 5 Stages of Grief…

MSNBC coverage of the election
Sadness, shock, disappointment, anger are all words that could describe the “forward” leaning hosts of MSNBC last night. It was a rough night for liberal hosts. Glenn, Pat and Stu however had a wonderful evening. It was the one time conservatives could watch MSNBC – not for the content, but the comedy.

And you thought Ed Schultz couldn’t be anymore of a buffoon…
Pat and Stu discuss what Schultz did to push the boundaries of buffoonery last night on MSNBC’s coverage of the Wisconsin recall vote.

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Bill Clinton is out to sabotage Barack Obama’s chances in November, right? He’s not even hiding it…
Either Bill Clinton has the biggest ego known to man, or he doesn’t want Barack Obama to win a 2nd term in office. Does even Clinton realize we’re in for a rough ride if Obama wins? Or is he just trying to make himself look better? Or is it both? Glenn reacts to Clinton’s bizarre sabotage on radio today. WATCH

IMPORTANT: Don’t stop now!
Yes, Wisconsin was a big win! Celebrate! Gloat! But DO NOT stop turning things around. We must activate and get organzied! Did you know that huge percentages of conservatives aren’t even registered to vote, and some who think they are registered aren’t? You can’t win if you aren’t actively engaged in finding solutions – and last night Glenn gave easy, concrete things you can do to make sure Obama does not win in 2012. But you MUST take action! MORE

COWARD: Obama runs from Wisconsin
Barack Obama doesn’t have a spine! The second things look bad, he runs away. First, he had a memo drafted that cleared him of responsibility if the bin Laden hit went bad. Then, he claims he’s “evolving” on gay marriage…until his idiotic VP makes him look bad. Now, during the most important election before November, Obama runs away rather than show up and face the music along with the rest of the progressives. Maybe he was packing up his office in preparation for November. READ

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