Allen West mocks mandate ruling: let’s force everyone to buy a glock 9mm

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Progressives have tried to choke the founding principles of America out of existence and right now they’re going for the final death blow. The only way they can win is if we stand by and let them. If you’d rather stand up than stand by – GBTV is the place for you. Not just a network but a place for action – find out how you can play a critical role in helping wake America from an out of control big government progressive nightmare. RESTORING LOVE in Dallas THIS MONTH is the kickoff event that will re-chart America’s course back towards the founding principles. The ONLY place you can get everything Restoring Love is on GBTV Plus.

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The most counter-culture, punk rock country on the planet

Last night Dana Loesch guest hosted for Glenn and delivered a stirring monologue calling out progressive hypocritical stances that fly in the face of America’s founding principles. Check out the segment HERE.  

To find out where we’re going, sometimes you have to know where we’ve been.

Restoring Love is the culmination of a journey that began with Restoring Honor in Washington D.C. Before you can fix anything – you have to fix yourself. Check out these PHOTOS from the event that started it all – Restoring Honor!  

“My goal is to create a family business, built upon my father’s legacy that can be handed down to future generations.”

These are the words of Debbie McKeown, owner of the special small business Migliore Gourmet Foods. Migliore is one of the many small businesses in The Marketplace by – a collection of small businesses featuring extraordinary owners from small towns throughout America. Sign up to receive The Marketplace newsletter today!

Allen West mocks mandate ruling: let’s force everyone to buy a glock 9mm

The left is cheering the Supreme Court after their ruling on Obamacare, but how would they feel if a conservative used the new ruling? Rep Allen West helped the left picture how ridiculous this ruling really was by asking how the left would feel if, perhaps for safety sake, every American were mandated to purchase a 9mm gun or else face a tax. Suddenly the new standard doesn’t sound so good, right? Full story via TheBlaze.  

The next few months will be critical!

Glenn’s GBTV (which is becoming TheBlaze TV) is more than just a network – it’s a VERB. It’s not just something you watch, it’s something you DO. We face one of the most critical and difficult times in our nation’s history. As a subscriber you are guaranteed a front row seat for some of Glenn’s most inspiring shows ever – plus the riveting documentaries, huge special events (including Restoring Love, live from Cowboys Stadium in Dallas on July 28), real-time election coverage this November, revolutionary original programming, and all of the content that makes GBTV a valuable part of each and every day. No matter how hard it gets, we will remain committed to bringing you the most revolutionary, real-time, and relevant programming available anywhere.  

Wild video of WV judge absolutely flipping out on local Pastor

Judges are usually on the bench because they demonstrate a unique ability to look at and rule on cases in an unbiased manner. So it’s not everyday you see a video, like the one going viral on the internet today, of a judge who is so angry he couldn’t possibly make an unbiased decision. WARNING – watch with the volume waaaaay down.  

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Noted Conservative teen flip flops to become a liberal

13 year old Jonathan Krohn was the toast of CPAC a few years ago when he spoke on the future of conservatism. Now 17, he’s flipped to being a liberal. It all started when he stopped being a ‘social conservative’ because ‘it just didn’t seem right anymore’. Solid reasoning. He says at 13 he was merely parroting his parents ideas. But now that he’s read “Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Kant” and lots of other dead atheistic German philosophers he’s definitely not parroting them. He’s just enlightened – MORE.  

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Your Kids + “Michael Vey” = Hours of Quiet

If you and your kids haven’t read MICHAEL VEY: THE PRISONER OF CELL 25 yet, this is the perfect time to start. From now through July 10th you can download the e-book version of this #1 NYT bestselling young adult novel from Richard Paul Evans for just $4.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and iTunes — that’s 50% off the regular price. MICHAEL VEY is a perfect story to read as a family: a novel that’s full of action while also being full of great role models and life lessons. Read the original now and you’ll be done just in time for the sequel that arrives this August!

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