MSNBC ‘celebrates’ the 4th of July by bashing America

Countdown to Restoring Love: “So a nation may see Wilmington”

After Restoring Honor, Glenn shifted his focus from Washington, DC to the people of Main Street. Tired of looking to Washington for answers, Glenn found a small town in Ohio where the community was pulling together to recover from economic hardships. The people of Wilmington were not looking to the government for a bailout, they found strength in their neighbors and in prayer. It was here that Glenn found the model for what would become a major piece of Restoring Love and Mercury One – everyday people coming together to serve their fellow man. Re-live this incredible event with this photo essay.

Get all the details on Restoring Love – and get INVOLVED:

  • Can’t make it to Dallas? Get all the details on the GBTV live coverage.
  • Planning to travel to Dallas? Check out the full schedule of events in Dallas, and if you still need a ticket, more were made available!
  • Want to support the event? In support of the Restoring Love event and the mission of Mercury One, we now have merchandise available. Dog-tags, necklaces and more can be found HERE.

EPIC FAIL: San Diego accidentally sets off all their fireworks at once!

Ever wonder what would happen if you ditched your carefully choreographed fireworks show and ended up setting all those explosions at once? That’s what happened in San Diego yesterday when a technical glitch caused every firework in the show to be set off. It’s the craziest 15 second firework show EVER!

The FBI could cut your internet access in 4 days – here’s how to prevent it

TheBlaze has been following a story that could affect you in a big way. Facebook and Google have been warning about the coming possible interference – one that’s frankly a little disturbing. How do you know if your access will be interfered with and how can you prevent it? Find out via TheBlaze.

MSNBC ‘celebrates’ the 4th of July by bashing America

Only on MSNBC, the network featuring admitted & proud socialists as hosts, would July 4th coverage denigrate into a full-fledged America bashing session. Bad America! Bad! Watch the ridiculous and shameful report on America’s ‘imperialism’ and ‘genocide’ HERE (but only if you feel like vomiting).

Own “Michael Vey” For Just Five Bucks!

The #1 NYT bestseller MICHAEL VEY is just $4.99 on e-book now through July 10th! Don’t miss your chance to read (or reread) the book that electrified America last summer before the sequel hits shelves this August. Download a copy now (Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes) to read as a family and you’ll be shocked at just how fast your kids put aside the TV and video games.

Cass Sunstein gone wild: Lifeguard fired after saving drowning man because he violated policy

‘Rules are rules’ is what a young 21 year old was told after he was sent packing from his job as a lifeguard. His offense? He saved a man’s life who was drowning. BUT, the man was drowning outside the zone assigned to the lifeguard. This is what happens when Cass Sunstein styled regulations rule the day – common sense dies. Thankfully for everyone involved this kid didn’t follow the rules. Hopefully he gets a new job real, real soon (hint hint, people!) – full story via TheBlaze.

Angels at 9/11 crash site? This ex FBI agent thinks so

It’s a story she kept secret for the better part of a decade because she feared being deemed crazy if she told anyone. On 9/11/01 an FBI agent who arrived at the crash site in Pennsylvania is now claiming she saw hundreds of angels surrounding the site. So, is she nuts? Her colleagues don’t think so – check out the full story at TheBlaze.

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