Obama team caught in blatant lie, double down on it

Brazen: Obama advisor continues to spread Romney lies; impotent media snoozes

Brazen: Obama advisor continues to spread Romney lies; impotent media snoozes
Sometimes campaign spokespersons have to know when to say when. If a journalist decides to pull off the rare ‘ask a liberal a tough question’ tactic, it’s best to just concede and move on to live another day. But that’s not what Obama’s team does – when they get caught spinning a lie, they double down. Glenn airs the stunning lie that the advisor stands by till the end… WATCH

America needs a shrink
Obama has a few predictable patterns: blaming George W. Bush, overspending, and making it all about him. In a 25 minute speech President Obama used the word ‘I’ 113 times – that’s once every 13 seconds. After hearing this, Steven (a psychologist from Indiana) called into the radio program to give Glenn and his radio audience a little lesson in Obama Psychology 101.

The America progressives love to hate
Glenn talked about Dana Loesch’s monologue from last week that skillfully exposed progressives hypocritical viewpoints on America. Dana also explained that elections aren’t won at the ballot box – they’re won days, weeks, months, years ahead of time. How? By infecting the culture – check out Dana’s monologue HERE.

Want to win the election? Win the culture
Part of Restoring Love is to encourage people that there’s much more at stake than just an election. Voting Barack Obama out of office solves a lot of problems, but it’s only short term. America’s problems started long before Obama came into office. You first have to change the culture if you want lasting change — you can do that any number of ways, including what kind of music you consume. Here’s some of the music from Restoring Love.

Heated rhetoric? Stu taken to task over Healthcare comments
Stu was on NPR! Not willingly though. NPR thought Stu’s reaction to Justice Robert’s betrayal on Obamacare was so overblown and over-the-top that they just had to feature it on All Things Considered. Do you think Stu’s reaction was unwarranted? Watch & decide!

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Details on Restoring Love:

Glenn talks about his ‘unplugged’ 4th of July
As fun as modern technology is, there’s still something to be said for getting off the grid and living the way our great-great grandparents did. Glenn was on vacation last week and went totally off the grid – was Glenn suffering from withdrawal? Or did he throw away all his iPads, phones, etc? Glenn recounts a week living off the grid on radio today. WATCH

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