Watch out for the Progressive’s Little Blue Book

Watch out for the Progressive's Little Blue Book

Watch out for the Progressive’s Little Blue Book

Van Jones touted the book progressives are calling a ‘game changer’ for the 2012 election – The Little Blue Book. It’s written by a popular progressive professor from UC Berkeley and claims to be a handy yet powerful tool to get the progressive message out to non-progressives. Check out Van’s glowing commentary, really cheesy sloganeering & Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Glenn Blog: What is Glenn looking forward to most at Restoring Love?

In the lead up to such a meaningful event like Restoring Love, it’s always safe to assume Glenn is focused on the message and what’s important at Restoring Love. So what is he looking forward to the most?

Get all the details on Restoring Love – and get INVOLVED:

Obama’s broke brother appears in anti-Obama film

The media has conveniently ignored the plight of Obama’s impoverished family members. Does it bother any of them as they struggle to find places to live and keep afloat that Michelle Obama is buying $600 tennis shoes and going on multiple lavish vacations each year? Dinesh D’Souza lands an improbable interview with the impoverished half brother of Barack Obama in his new documentary film. Details via TheBlaze. D’Souza will appear on GBTV this Friday to speak with Glenn about this incredible interview. Start your two week free trial HERE.


: Many people across the country were recently duped into giving up their social security number and credit card numbers. Who is to blame? The Obama administration.

NYT: yeah, we were so totally wrong on the Arab Spring thing

Now that the post revolution euphoria has settled down a bit and the media has slept off their drunken celebration of the Arab Spring, the reality of the outcome is becoming a bit clearer. Given there’s a radical Islamist president who, along with instituting Sharia Law and waging Jihad, is also trying to gain the release of a convicted terrorist from a North Carolina prison. Suddenly the revolution doesn’t sound so exciting, does it. Glenn gloats on radio today.

Go behind the scenes with The B.S. of A. at

Unelectable 2! Tickets are still available for in San Antonio – get your tickets here.

Transportation Secretary takes credit for hybrids…years after they were first manufactured

Glenn’s seen and heard a lot of crazy things from our government officials over the last few years, but he’s never heard anything quite like what he heard this morning from the Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. In fact Glenn described it as “Al Gore taking credit for the internet times 10.” What did Ray LaHood say that could possibly top that? Oh, just that he predicted hybrid cars …years after they were already being manufactured.

More Obama lies: I was outspent in previous campaigns

And the whoppers continue to roll in from the Obama camp – this time he’s trying to claim the mantle of financial underdog. This despite repeated high profile fundraisers Obama has held at the homes of the uber rich and famous, including but not limited to George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker. Watch Mr. $40,000-a-plate Obama cry poor HERE.

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Mitt Romney has his short list of veeps ready to go.

Whoever he picks, we can be certain that they can’t be worse than Biden, right? Pat and Stu discuss on the 4th Hour.

LIVE IT: The largest food drive ever attempted?

Glenn talked with Pastor James Robison on radio today about the massive effort taking place on July 27th to have the largest food drive/day of service perhaps ever. 25,000 volunteers across 12 cities are already signed up to work a few hours at schools, cleaning up neighborhoods, parks, and more. A small army of pastors, rabbis and priests are lending organizational support to remind Americans that we are the key – not government. Get all the details HERE.

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