Is a Romney win in 2012 more historic than Obama 08?

Is a Romney win in 2012 more historic than Obama 08?

Is a Romney win in 2012 more historic than Obama 08?

The media hyped Obama’s run in 2008 as historic – and in many ways it was. But to most people it was confirmation of what we already knew – that Americans have no problem electing a minority to the Presidency. On radio today Glenn raised the point that a Romney 2012 win could be even more historic than Obama 08. Find out why HERE.

‘You’re struggling’: Andrea Mitchell tries to defend debunked Romney attacks, fails badly

Even though the claim has been thoroughly debunked by several liberal outlets, the media continues to push the lie that Romney outsourced jobs while he was at Bain Capital. He didn’t. Andrea Mitchell hasn’t received the memo and attempted to levy the charge against Romney again and failed so badly that former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu could do nothing but laugh. WATCH

Left strangely cool with Mormon bigotry

The left has touted itself as the party of inclusion and tolerance while hiding behind the media as they target political foes as haters, racists and bigots. So it’s a bit strange to see folks on the left, such as Spike Lee, openly admit their religious bigotry. Lee explained why ‘a lot of black people’ won’t vote for a Mormon. WATCH and get Glenn’s reaction HERE.

2008 Obama voter explains what caused him to switch

Glenn took an interesting call on radio today. A gentleman who claimed he voted for Obama in 2008 admitted he was caught up in what the media billed a ‘historic’ election. Soon after the election, however, he began doing his homework. What did he find? Glenn enjoyed the call so much he made quite a generous offer — hear that and this amazing transformation.

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: SHAMELESS HYPOCRITE

The DNC Chair tried to lash out at Romney over the revelation that he has a Swiss bank account. Realizing Romney has done nothing immoral, unethical, nor illegal, Schultz is left with the vaunted ‘I’m just throwing that out there’ argument. But the worst part is — if Schultz thinks Romney’s overseas banking is so bad, why is she doing the exact same thing?

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Do 42% of New Yorkers actually think Bloomberg’s soda ban is a good thing? Probably not–Stu explains how personal liberty is getting lost in the language.

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