What’s the future hold for the Tea Party?

The Oval: Trust – A Two-Way Street
Another poll is out showing Americans are losing trust in nearly every major American institution. Is that bad news for us? Or is there actually something positive we can take out of the fact that people are losing trust? Glenn has the answer in last night’s stirring ‘The Oval’ speech.

See Obama’s new Communist Cuba inspired campaign logo HERE.

What’s the future hold for the Tea Party? Glenn talks with Sen. Rand Paul

What’s the future hold for the Tea Party? Glenn talks with Sen. Rand Paul
The left and the media have once again written off the Tea Party as a dying fad. But that’s also what they did at the beginning of the movement – so what will really happen? Two of the most central figures in and around the Tea Party debate and discuss its future – WATCH.

Genius: WH closes nine border stations in four states
America spends a reported $100 billion per year on costs related to illegal immigration. Border violence is on the rise as hundreds of elaborate tunnels continue to be unearthed. Despite all of this the Obama administration has decided the best course of action is to start shutting down border stations. What effect will that have?

Watch Pat & Glenn argue like an old married couple
Glenn & Pat have been close friends for decades now, so often times they argue just like an old married couple, but they don’t usually do it on air. Well, that happened today when Pat called out Glenn on an email he read. Was it a real email? Glenn stands by it and wastes valuable air time to prove it – watch the two nags HERE.

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Romney unintimidated by NAACP
Romney went into the lion’s den of the progressive left yesterday when he addressed the NAACP. Surprisingly he didn’t pander to them – he didn’t even dance around the controversial issues. Is it possible conservatives may have found a politician with a spine? Don’t get your hopes up, but one thing’s for sure, Romney earned some credibility with Glenn.

The only path for American Restoration: Honor, Courage, and Love
Last night on GBTV Glenn recapped the horrible situation on the border and just how wrong the administration’s response has been. It’s as if they are purposefully trying to make it worse (sadly that’s actually a possibility). Glenn explains the three year journey he’s been on and the only possible way to restore America.

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Snow White review devolves into discussion about dwarves while Pat and Glenn yell at each other
Perhaps still reeling from their earlier dispute, Pat and Glenn continued to spar today over meaningless things. This time it started with the two somehow talking about Snow White, and then it reverts back to the earlier argument. It was a messy train wreck, Glenn even told Pat “I hate you so much right now” which may actually have been an appropriate response. Check out the altercation HERE.

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