Obama’s Romney attacks reveal desperation

The Communist: The untold story of Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis

TheBlaze has the exclusive interview with Paul Kengor, author of the scathing new book that does the work the mainstream media refuses to do. The MSM goes the extra mile to pursue fake stories about Mitt Romney giving an unwanted haircut during his youth, but they completely ignore the childhood communist mentor that Barack Obama mentioned 22 times in his autobiography. Learn more about the impact Davis had on the life of Barack Obama HERE.

Obama 2012 a campaign of sheer desperation

Obama 2012 a campaign of sheer desperation

Glenn took an in-depth look at the attacks the Obama campaign has used against Mitt Romney. It’s a pretty sad lineup of negatives – they’re either false or not even bad to begin with. The problem with negative personal politics is it doesn’t work against a truly decent human being. Watch the ridiculous string of attacks and Glenn’s reaction.

You asked, Glenn answered: How can you still get tickets to Restoring Love? And how can you participate in the Food Drive? Glenn answers your Restoring Love questions. Can’t make it to Dallas? Click HERE to find out how you can watch all of the Restoring Love coverage live.

Traveling to Dallas for Restoring Love? If you have an inspirational or heartwarming story, we want to know about it! Please share your story by emailing tickets@gbtv.com. We look forward to hearing your stories and meeting you in Dallas!

Amazing history progressives don’t want you to know

Glenn was literally holding history on radio today as he showed the actual letter Thomas Jefferson wrote that was likely the key to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. These are the types of stories that progressives have worked diligently to erase from American history. If you want to restore America you have to first know the history of how it all started. See an amazing piece of American history on GBTV today.

On today’s episode of “As Seen on the 4th Hour” Pat & Stu test a product that guarantees happiness.

The Cheers to You CD guarantees that if you’re not feeling better about yourself, you get your money back. Pat and Stu weren’t really sure how to feel after listening to the creepy dialogue. Watch their reaction HERE. And yes, this is a real product.

Glenn complains about every Romney VP option

Talk of Romney’s possible VP choice is kicking into high gear as Condi Rice rumors swirled around the internet today. Glenn thinks that choice is highly unlikely, but as he ran down the list of possibilities all he seemed to do was complain. Is there any VP choice he likes?

Your Kids + Michael Vey = Hours of Quiet

If you and your kids haven’t read MICHAEL VEY: THE PRISONER OF CELL 25 yet, this is the perfect time to start – it’s now available in paperback. MICHAEL VEY is the perfect story to read as a family: a novel that’s full of action while also being full of great role models and life lessons. Read the original now and you’ll be done just in time for the sequel that arrives this August!

Glenn weighs in on the commie art used by the Obama campaign

Glenn, Pat & Stu debate the latest sign that Obama is a communist. His campaign unleashed a new font yesterday, and it’s exactly the same font that was used in communist Cuba propaganda. Is he doing this just to rile people like Glenn up? Or is he really trying to send a message to his most ardent hardcore leftist followers? Check out the debate HERE.

Miss Stutistics on GBTV yesterday? Watch the latest episode on Obama’s dismal deficit numbers.

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Glenn interviews John Hagee

Last year Glenn was the keynote speaker at the Christians United For Israel event in Washington, DC. Hard to believe it’s been an entire year since Glenn was there, but it has and this Tuesday in DC the event is happening again. Anyone who stands with Israel will no doubt endure hatred from the anti-Israel crowd – take a look at the list of those brave enough to stand up to them.

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