Huh? Obama: successful people aren’t responsible for their success

Obama speech causes Pat to run around studio screaming

Glenn and his co-hosts have followed the Obama administration closely over the past 3 years. They’ve had to cover countless lies, ridiculous arguments, smears, attacks, illogical stances, etc. But today’s whopper sent co-host Pat Gray over the edge and into a maniacal screaming fit. What did Obama say that finally pushed him off the cliff?

Obama: Successful people didn’t make it on their own

Obama: Successful people didn’t make it on their own

President Obama made the blatantly non-American comment last week that successful people are only successful because they had government providing roads for them. He said you didn’t achieve that business success — ‘someone else’ did. Glenn rips Obama’s logic apart on radio today.

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Glenn hears from Scooter, The Homeless Advisor

He doesn’t have a home and lives out of his vehicle, but that’s not stopping Scooter from trying to make the trip to Restoring Love in Dallas later this month. Scooter has vowed to make it on his own, with no help from the government – how’s he doing so far? He called into radio today – check out the call HERE and stop by his blog HERE. EXCLUSIVE: In just a short time in Washington D.C., Florida Senator Marco Rubio has become a leading voice in the national discussion surrounding immigration policy reform. Senator Marco Rubio’s new memoir, An American Son, discusses the partisan challenges to achieving sensible immigration policy reform. Read exclusive excerpt HERE.

Americans kidnapped in Egypt

Well, if you were one of the 3 people pining for the “good ‘ol days” of Jimmy Carter, you got ‘em. Glenn told his radio listeners of the reports that American Christians were kidnapped in Egypt over the weekend, officially allowing Barack Obama to complete the ‘I want to be greater than Jimmy Carter circle.’ On a positive note, maybe we’ll continue down this road and get a repeat of the Reagan Era – WATCH.

Tim Pawlenty to be Vice President?

Whoever Romney picks, hopefully he does it soon so as to spare America from ridiculous speculations and overuse of the phrase ‘veepstakes’. Last week Condi Rice was the rumored pick, so who is it this week? Many are buying the theory that Tim Pawlenty may be the guy. What’s Glenn say about that possible choice? He talked about it on radio today.

You Asked, Glenn Answered: Who will be speaking at Restoring Love events? How can you get the Restoring Love Soundtrack? Glenn answers your Restoring Love questions. Click hereto get all the details on how you can watch Restoring Love on GBTV.

Is being wealthy a problem? It might be for Obama…

Glenn unloaded on Obama’s relentless attack on the rich and anyone generally successful in America today. Obama once again vilified success using the ‘fairness’ mantra. But as in every case, fairness in Obama’s world is everbody earning the same amount of money. That’s not fairness – that’s communism. Glenn has more on radio HERE.

Believing Is Easy: In a little over a week Glenn will unite with thousands of Americans in Dallas Cowboys Stadium for Restoring Love. This is much more than a big summer event – preceded by Restoring Honor and Restoring Courage, Restoring Love will be the final step in a trilogy of action steps that will kick off a movement of peace and freedom. Political affiliation and strong beliefs are not enough to Restore America – it’s going to take a change in behaivor.

The Chart Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

It’s well documented that Obama never takes the blame for anything–ever. That’s where this nifty little chart that squarely places the blame on Obama for the slowest economic recovery since World War II comes in handy. Stu and Pat explain how Obama can’t even place this fact on his favorite scapegoat, President Bush – WATCH.

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