Obama wants to subsidize your life from cradle to grave

Obama wants to subsidize your life from cradle to grave

Obama wants to subsidize your life from cradle to grave
Remember the ‘Life of Julia’ piece that the WH posted on their website? It perfectly sums up the relationship progressives are trying to cultivate between you and the state. Every step of the way they want you to be dependent on them. That’s because they believe rights come from government, not God. Glenn masterfully demonstrates the competing philosophies of Obama and the founding fathers.

WATCH: 71-year-old puts 2 young, punk armed robbers in their place
Samuel Williams could soon become a poster child for concealed carry. Or rather a poster senior citizen. When two 19-year-old punks came in waving guns and bats and threatening customers, 71-year-old Williams jumped into action. He has a concealed carry permit and wasted no time putting his weapon to use, sending the thugs running scared and saving everyone inside. Watch the amazing heroics HERE.

Photos: Glenn tours American history.

Tania Beck’s favorite radio host to join GBTV primetime
Glenn often talks about GBTV (soon to be TheBlaze TV) being the network you are building. Today, another huge addition was announced – Sirius XM’s Andrew Wilkow has joined the network. Incredibly smart, funny and young – it’s no wonder Tania enjoys Andrew’s show so much. How is Glenn handling the role of 2nd fiddle? Not well. Check out his announcement/confrontation with Wilkow on radio this morning. And take a look at the announcement on Buzzfeed HERE.

Mercury Confidential: Which GBTV staffer owned a sandwich shop before becoming a producer?
People who end up working for Mercury usually have a pretty crazy story. We’ve already profiled a former goat herder (seriously) who went on to organize both Restoring Honor and Restoring Courage. Now the spotlight shifts to Eric Pearce, who worked in a deli before deciding he wanted to work in television. How did he go from making hoagies to producing for Glenn’s show at CNN? And how did he work his way up the ladder to running TV operations for GBTV/TheBlaze? Find out in the latest Mercury Confidential! READ!

Obama accuses others of “not being serious about the deficit”: Watch Stu explain why Obama needs to pull a very large stick out of his own eye in the newest episode of Stutistics!

The Communist
Paul Kengor is the author of the book guaranteed to be ignored by the mainstream media – The Communist. Glenn was ripped by the media for praising The 5000 Year Leap, claiming the author was Glenn’s ‘mentor’. Not true, he just liked the book. Yet, they ignore Obama’s actual, admitted mentor – Commie Frank Marshall Davis – WATCH.

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Glenn versus lobsters and spiders
We aren’t sure if Glenn, Pat and Stu were just hungry this morning or needed a break from talking politics, but make sure to watch the hilarious clip to find out how a conversation about lobsters lead to a passionate discussion on Charlotte’s Web – where Glenn made the claim that Charlotte (yes, the spider) could have taken over the world, and caused Stu to put out a call for a sequel to the book: Charlotte’s Web Kingdom of The Spiders.

You asked, Glenn answered: Glenn answers your day of service questions and explains how to donate/support Restoring Love HERE. Share the message of Restoring Love with these Facebook cover photos, iPhone wallpapers, and desktop backgrounds.

Watch all the Restoring Love coverage only on GBTV Plus. Get all the details HERE.

Must watch vid of Priest slamming socialism
After giving an opening prayer at a local Republican event, a Priest caused quite a stir when he made some very bold statements against socialism. He explains how socialism and Christianity are incompatible – and passionately explains how big government programs end up taking away our God given responsibility to help our fellow man. This is a MUST SEE.

Where would the internet be without the private sector?
Stu and Pat discuss how the private sector has created the best free market in world history. Warning: You’ll feel very patriotic after watching.

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