Just days from Restoring Love, Glenn panics

JUST ANNOUNCED: The Full Broadcast Schedule for Glenn’s Restoring Love Events

Can’t make it to Dallas? GBTV has all the coverage, available live or on demand:

  • Wednesday, 7/25 @ 7pm ET: The Road to Restoring Love
  • Thursday, 7/26 @ 7pm ET: FreedomWorks: FreePAC – Restoring Freedom
  • Friday, 7/27 @ 7pm ET: Religious Leadership Conference – Under God: Indivisible
  • Saturday, 7/28 @ 8pm ET : RESTORING LOVE – Live from Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Just days from Restoring Love, Glenn panics “I’m not going to do this again”

Just days from Restoring Love, Glenn panics “I’m not going to do this again”

Glenn has a bit of an irrational concern each time a big event approaches – that no one will show up. It’s irrational because he’s hosted a billion events and that’s never happened. Pat & Stu promise Glenn the people who bought tickets will indeed show up – and Glenn, in turn, promises this is the LAST in the ‘Restoring’ events he will ever do. Why? Find out on radio today.

The influence of Obama’s Communist mentor

The media has completely ignored Obama’s self-proclaimed mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, but Paul Kengor’s new book, The Communist, reveals just who this man is. On radio this morning, Glenn compared some of Davis’ beliefs to Obama’s statements, and the similarities are striking to say the least. Just how much do Obama and his mentor have in common?

PLUS – Glenn interviewed The Communist author Paul Kengor on radio today – you can see that HERE.

Conceited? Obama sends possibly the WORST birthday party invitation of ALL TIME

Hey gang! Are you cool enough to attend Barack Obama’s super awesome birthday party? You are now! All you have to do is donate money to Obama’s campaign…and then your name is entered into a raffle…and then you MAY get selected to attend the birthday party! SO AWESOME! Right? Because there is nothing cooler than having to pay to possibly get invited to a birthday party. Read the most nauseating birthday invitation of all time HERE!

Bruce Wayne is Mitt Romney is Batman?

As Batman-mania hits the world this week with the movie release of The Dark Knight Rises, leftists are quick to make the connection between the villain “Bane” and Romney’s Bain. Aren’t they clever? Too bad for them, the creators of the “Bane” character have squashed this idea. Stu and Pat discuss how the creators further killed the movie for the left with this fitting comparison – WATCH.

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Need another reminder to get to the polls this November? Here’s one:

President Barack Obama will have run trillion-dollar-plus deficits in each his four years in office. If your eyes aren’t bleeding, there’s more reasons in Stutistics: Episode 3

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