Bachmann hits back at McCain, stands by Brotherhood warning

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Michele Bachmann hits back at McCain, critics over Brotherhood warning

Michele Bachmann hits back at McCain, critics over Brotherhood warning
The administration has raised the concern of many who feel they’ve coddled the radical Muslim Brotherhood a little too closely in recent months. A member of a known terrorist group was even allowed to visit the State Department and the White House and attend high level meetings. Glenn interviewed Congresswoman Bachmann who stood by her assertions in an interview with Glenn on radio today – WATCH.

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Matthews: Obama is the ‘perfect’ father, husband & ‘perfect American’ who’s never done anything wrong
Chris Matthews has never been shy to hide his praise for President Obama. He famously talked about the chill he gets up his leg anytime Obama speaks. He took it a step further this week when he said Obama has not only never broken any laws, he’s never done anything wrong. Memo to Chris: even Obama admits he’s broken laws. Find out which and watch Glenn’s reaction.

Leftists label Chick-Fil-A ‘hatemongers’ over Christian beliefs
It’s not exactly certain why leftists are shocked that Chick-Fil-A holds Christian beliefs — ‘closed on Sundays’ should be a dead giveaway. What’s more likely is the left views this as another opportunity to vilify Christians and paint them as hatemongers – check out the full story via TheBlaze.

Today on the 4th Hour, the guys discuss a mystery that has gone on long enough. How in the world Hank Johnson got elected to public office?

Glenn answers your questions about Restoring Love: Want to know what Friday night’s event, ‘Under God: Indivisible,’ is all about? How can you go? Glenn gives you all the details …and maybe a few hints about the amazing history you’ll see Saturday at Restoring Love HERE.

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Texas = the opposite of Massachusetts
Glenn talked about how thrilled he was to be in Texas – especially considering voters appear to be voting on principle not party politics. In Massachusetts, noted liar Elizabeth Warren is somehow still leading in polls despite being caught in the humiliating ‘Cherokee’ fib. It’s a different story in Texas, where voters are going after the GOP establishment. Glenn interviewed candidate Ted Cruz on radio today for an update on his race.

WATCH: Glenn interviews “The Communist” author Paul Kengor on GBTV. Get all the details on this unbelievable expose of Barack Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis in the latest release from Mercury Ink HERE!

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Fitting: NYT ‘Journalist’ Charles Blow issues report that totally blows
The appropriately named Charles Blow has had a largely unnoticed career in the media, mostly because the quality of his reports can be best described by his last name. He recently said Mitt Romney is ‘not a person’ just a robot without a heart, to give an example of his intellectual prowess. Glenn responds to his claim that the only reason people oppose Obama is because of his ‘otherness’.

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