ABC News baselessly links Tea Party with Colorado shooter

Horror show: gunman kills 12 at Batman movie in CO

Horror show: gunman kills 12 at Batman movie in CO
As the media and others scramble to look into the background for clues as to what may have caused the shooter to commit this horrible, deadly crime – Glenn gives the answer no one in the media will: “We’ve forgotten to put goodness into our children. Where are the good things that are replenishing us? You can only experience so much darkness before it affects you. That which you gaze upon you become. Maybe we should cast our eyes a little higher” – Glenn’s full reaction HERE.

Coverage & Updates: Get full coverage and continuing updates on this breaking story at TheBlaze.

ABC News baselessly smears Tea Party with unverified ‘report’
ABC’s Brian Ross brought media credibility to a new low when he speculates on air, without confirming, that the shooter was in the Tea Party. His proof? A man with the same name (the oh-so-uncommon name of ‘Jim Holmes’) also from Colorado has a Tea Party site. This information serves no purpose other than a political smear. Glenn thrashes Ross’ pathetic report on radio today.

Unfortunately there will always be people who turn tragedies into political platforms. Stu and Pat discuss some shameful responses from the left on the Colorado shooting tragedy today.

GLENN: Make no mistake, shooter is a terrorist
Even if the shooter were a Tea Party member – which he apparently is not – would it even matter? Would it matter if he was Obama’s biggest fan? One crazed domestic terrorist can only be explained by their own craziness. Tea Parties didn’t make him do it. Democrats didn’t make him do it. The only one responsible for this shooting is THE SHOOTER. Glenn has more on radio today.

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Code Pink, Westboro Baptist protesting Restoring Love
The hate-filled freaks from Westboro Baptist Church – which is made up mostly of one crazy family and a couple other members – claim they will be protesting Restoring Love next week. So what’s that say about Code Pink? That they’re willing to stand alongside America’s most notorious hate group to protest an event designed to feed the hungry, serve the poor, and hold the largest service event in America’s history? Get the story via TheBlaze.

Van Jones’ bizarre take: God doesn’t know who you are.
Kind of a weird assumption to make considering God made man, and God is omnipotent. See Van’s take at TheBlaze.

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