Obama caught in another lie while calling Romney a liar

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Obama caught in another lie while calling Romney a liar

Obama caught in another lie while calling Romney a liar
On radio today Glenn showed the amazing new attack coming from the Obama administration that calls Mitt Romney a liar. The words of the ad actually claim that Romney lied about what Obama said (his comments about ‘someone else’ built that). Problem is, Obama DID say that. Pretty clearly. Glenn has the stunning clip HERE.

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You Asked, Glenn Answered: Is this really the last ‘Restoring’ event?

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Why do some people in our Homeland Security have problems calling out our enemies? Pat and Stu discuss the cowards we pay to protect us.

Did Glenn write Batman?
Glenn went and saw the new Batman movie and swears many of the plot lines have been taken almost word for word from his monologues on GBTV & Radio. Glenn goes over some of the themes presented in the movie (if you haven’t seen it yet but are planning to – don’t worry, Glenn didn’t spoil the end like he usually does) that have him wondering if he should draft up a lawsuit. More from radio today HERE.

Navy Seal outraged over CO shooting explains how you can protect yourself
Brandon Webb was as sickened as anybody to learn about what happened in Colorado late last week and admitted he was ‘angry’ someone could just stroll in and do what the shooter did. So he helped in the only way he knew how – he showed how you can prepare and have a ‘plan in place’ for a situation like that. More on TheBlaze.

Paterno legacy destroyed as PSU slapped with massive penalties
One of the most severe penalties ever handed down in the NCAA came today when Penn State was fined $60 million, put on probation for 5 years, and stripped of over 100 wins since 1998. Paterno was the all-time winningest coach but after today he slips to #12 all-time. And to add insult to injury, Paterno’s statue outside the stadium was taken down. Were the punishments warranted? Find out as Glenn debates with Pat & Stu on radio today.

Obama has run trillion dollar plus deficits every year that he has been in office. It should come as no surprise then that he is running a deficit in his own re-election campaign. There might just be a pattern here. Find out more about the consequences of Obama’s massive deficits in the newest episode of Stutistics.

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Government is not the solution — so what are you doing about it?
For years progressives have trained Americans to become more and more dependent on government to solve all of our problems – but that’s exactly why we have so many problems. Glenn shares some amazing stories on radio today of how people are serving others all week for Restoring Love – including one couple who give even though they have no money. How? Find out HERE.

WATCH: Glenn brings you into his home for a sneak peek at Restoring Love
How does Glenn prepare for the biggest event of his life? He just hangs out at home with a few close friends and some amazing musicians. Want to get an exclusive sneak peek at what’s in store for Restoring Love? Check out this behind the scenes look at Glenn rehearsing at his home.

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