Nugent blasts O’Reilly on gun debate

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Ted Nugent flips out over calls for more gun control, misinformation

Ted Nugent flips out over calls for more gun control, misinformation
Glenn spoke with fervent 2nd Amendment supporter Ted Nugent on radio today because Ted is fired up about all the misinformation being spewed on the media about current laws, assault rifles and more. What are they getting wrong? And what does Ted think is the answer? Find out on radio today.

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Glenn’s latest studio decoration will make Al Gore cry
Glenn unveiled the latest set piece in the Dallas studio today and it’s quite a show stopper. Standing over 10 feet tall, this imposing and majestic piece makes quite a statement – but best of all, it will make people like Al Gore cry. America, feast your eyes on Glenn Beck’s real life polar bear HERE.

More inconvenient facts about polar bears the left chooses to ignore: READ

Obama’s latest whopper, the worst Glenn has ever seen
Glenn heard the audio today for the first time of Obama in damage control mode over his ‘you didn’t build it’ remarks regarding small business. It was a revealing sentiment – but how he is handling the response is even more revealing. Glenn goes off on Obama’s even more than deceitful response on radio today.

Glenn Beck presents an alternative to Levi’s “uniform of progress” MORE.

Out of touch? Elitist snob Anna Wintour throwing another Obama bash
The Obama administration has desperately tried to paint Mitt Romney as a wealthy, out of touch millionaire who can’t possibly relate to the regular American. Team Obama was mocked for then resorting to wealthy, out of touch Hollywood millionaires for help. Instead of backing off that strategy, they’ve doubled down. Glenn mercilessly mocks Wintour & Co on radio today.

Remarkable people, extraordinary small businesses, excellent products. Let the small businesses at The Marketplaceinspire you.

Details and ticket information for Friday’s “Under God: Indivisible” event in Dallas HERE.

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Mystery animal carcass washes up in NYC: do you know what it is?

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