Obama sounds dictatorial yet again

Restoring Love events kick into high gear
Tonight is the big FreePAC event – Tea Party leaders from across the globe will be coming together in Dallas to connect with freedom loving patriots in America. GBTV Plus will be bringing you exclusive coverage of this historic event beginning at 7pm ET – click for details. Last night, Glenn spoke with several guests from FreedomWorks – get a preview of what you’ll see and their new “12 in 2012” initiative.

Uncensored Interview with Glenn: Glenn shares stories about the past 3 years of his life that have never been told before – WATCH.

Obama sounds dictatorial yet again
Glenn talked on radio today about how President Obama is now joining the chorus of people who are using the Aurora tragedy to push gun control laws. Particularly alarming in his comments was yet another reference to the fact that he’s ‘taken some actions on our own’ because Congress can be frustrating. Congress – who needs em! #notdictators WATCH

Obama manages to lie on his own birthday invitation: must be seen to be believed – view it HERE.

Ted Cruz responds to outlandish attack ad

Ted Cruz responds to outlandish attack ad
There’s a lower than low attack ad running against Tea Party favored candidate Ted Cruz in Texas this week that accuses Cruz of committing crimes against children. Cruz joined radio today to talk about just how ridiculous this attack ad is – could it be the worst of all time? Even worse than the epic Flemlaski vs. Velveeta battle? Find out here.

Who’s the bigot: Christians? Or those attacking them?
An article came out yesterday that universally declared anyone who supported Chick-Fil-A, Christians, and believes in the traditional definition of marriage are bigots. No word yet if the author felt Obama was a bigot up until a few weeks ago when he flip-flopped on the issue. And no word if the author considers himself a bigot for ostracizing all believers. See the segment.

INSPIRING: Meet the blind man who traveled 700 miles alone for Restoring Love – DETAILS.

Amazing Photos: Glenn visits Cowboys Stadium and practices with Restoring Love performers – PICS.

Spread the message of #RestoringLove: Visit our social page to get in on all the behind-the-scenes action of all the Restoring Love Events.

What’s the only way to watch Glenn at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday? GBTV Plus. The coverage will be available live or on demand:

Are you in Dallas for Restoring Love? This info is for you:

  • Last minute $10 tickets have just been freed up and are available for purchase for the main event at Dallas Stadium! Get your tickets now.
  • TheBlaze Bus: Make sure to stop by TheBlaze Bus beginning at 9am in parking lot 10 of Cowboys Stadium on Saturday. All day long we’ll have members of TheBlaze family stopping by to say hi to fans and answer your questions. Stu & Pat start things off at 10:30AM. We hope to see you there!
  • Book Signings: There will be a huge bookstore right inside Gate H of Cowboys Stadium, open Today – Saturday. Signings include Peter Lillback, Oliver North, Eric Metaxas, David Horowitz, Brad Meltzer, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. PLUS Brad Thor, signing his new book out this week BLACK LIST, Richard Paul Evans, signing MICHAEL VEY 2: RISE OF THE ELGEN (2 weeks before it goes on sale!) and of course Glenn signing copies of COWARDS and BEING GEORGE WASHINGTON. Click for timing and full schedule.

Banning Illegal Guns: Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has said some pretty stupid things lately but his take on gun laws ranks among the dumbest. Stu and Pat discuss his awfully redundant proposal on today’s 4th Hour.

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