The stunning images from Beck’s Day of Service

Amazing pics, flyover video of ‘heartless’ conservatives gathering for unprecedented Day of Service

The left has been working diligently for decades to smear conservatives as the party of hate. The problem with this false narrative is that eventually the truth gets in its way. Today in Dallas tens of thousands of volunteers gave their time and talents and braved the 100 degree Texas heat with the lone purpose of serving others. The turnout has been overwhelming – check out the amazing pictures and video from a helicopter flyover that shows a small army of buses.

WATCH: Glenn’s speech at FreePAC: “You’ve already won, just finish the game!”

Glenn headlined a massive gathering at the American Airlines Center last night for FreePAC and had a great time addressing the raucous, freedom loving patriots who were in attendance. It was an incredible night featuring fiery devotion to God & country – something progressives don’t understand and probably never will. You can watch coverage of the entire event only on GBTV Plus – click to watch the event on demand.

Dana Loesch brings the house down at FreePAC: The conservative talk host was a crowd favorite last night and stirred them to their feet with calls to make sure this day is remembered because the mainstream media is ignoring the largest non-crisis humanitarian effort in possibly all of history. WATCH. Watch even more speeches from FreePAC, including the fiery CL Bryant and Senator Rand Paul HERE.

“Everything that you talk about is happening right here, right now, live”

Glenn broadcast the radio show from Cowboys Stadium this morning, as volunteers from across the country gathered outside of the stadium for a huge day of volunteer service! Glenn’s friend and photographer George Lange was there to capture the stories, and he was so moved by the dedication and the service he asked Glenn to put him on the radio show to describe the experience – WATCH.

Tonight: Religious Leadership Conference – Under God: Indivisible

Watch GBTV’s coverage of today’s “Day of Service” events at 5pm ET & stay tuned for our live coverage of Under God: Indivisible directly following Real News. This call for spiritual awakening features inspirational speeches from Kenneth Copeland, Tony Evans, John Hagee, Robert Morris, James Robison just to name a few.

What’s the only way to watch Glenn at Cowboys Stadium TOMORROW NIGHT?

Join Glenn tomorrow as we come together to make history and help steer America back towards its founding principles. This historic event will feature a host of musical performances and an empowering performance by Glenn – something far different than anything he’s ever done before. Restoring Love coverage will be broadcast live from Dallas Cowboys Stadium tomorrow beginning at 8pm ET with the preshow, and the Restoring Love event starts at 9pm ET. The only place to watch is on GBTV Plus – start your 14 day free trial now.

Stu makes his stand up debut as he, Kerri Pomarolli & Jeff Allen keep crowd laughing with hilarious & clean comedy at last night’s Restoring Laughter – full recap HERE.

Spread the message of #RestoringLove: Visit our social page to get in on all the behind-the-scenes action leading up to the big event.

Are you in Dallas this weekend for Restoring Love? This info is for you:

  • Last minute $10 tickets have just been freed up and are available for purchase for the main event at Dallas Stadium tomorrow! Get your tickets HERE.
  • TheBlaze Bus: Make sure to stop by TheBlaze Bus beginning at 9am in parking lot 10 of Cowboys Stadium on Saturday. All day long we’ll have members of TheBlaze family stopping by to say hi to fans and answer your questions. Stu & Pat start things off at 10:30AM. Dana Loesch and GBTV’s latest newest host, Andrew Wilkow, will stop by later as well. We hope to see you there!
  • Book Signings on Saturday: There is a huge bookstore right inside Gate H of Cowboys Stadium. Signings on Saturday include Brad Meltzer, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. PLUS Richard Paul Evans will be signing Michael Vey 2: Rise of the Elgen (2 weeks before it goes on sale!) and Glenn will be signing copies of Cowards and Being George Washington. Click for timing and full schedule.

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