Tens of thousands attend Restoring Love, MSM ignores

Glenn gave his first reaction to the events of this past weekend on radio today

Tens of thousands serve in Dallas for Restoring Love, media ignores

Glenn gave his first reaction to the events of this past weekend on radio today and took particular exception with the coverage. Tens of thousands of people served, then even more filled Dallas Cowboys Stadium to proclaim their commitment to serving their fellow man — and the media doesn’t think it’s a story? About the only thing they bothered to cover were the Westboro idiots that were there. See Glenn’s first reaction to Restoring Love HERE.

‘One of the coolest moments of my life’ – Watch the Restoring Love moment Glenn will never forget HERE. Why does he think this moment will change the course of history? Find out HERE.

Next event? Glenn promises something special coming week of 9/12: As true to Glenn Beck form, the largest event of his life was barely over and Glenn has to announce another massive event. What does Glenn have up his sleeve? He explained on radio today – WATCH.

Did you miss any of last week’s inspiring events? All the programming is available on demand – click for all the details.

Bloomberg’s next target: baby formula?

Mayor Bloomberg has received cheers from many as he targets trans fats and soda. These people apparently didn’t wonder ‘what if he targets something I like?’ because now there’s outrage after Bloomberg announced his latest target: baby formula. How’s that progressivism taste now? Not so hot – Glenn reacts on radio today.

Photos: Amazing photos from Restoring Love.

PLUS: The best of YOUR photos from Instagram!

Stu & Pat spend 15 min trying to explain why they were so bad at Restoring Love

Glenn loved every moment of Restoring Love — well, almost every moment. He went on the air today and absolutely blasted Stu and Pat for their brief 5 minutes on stage. What did they do that was so bad? Hear Glenn’s complaint & watch Stu and Pat spend the better part of the 4th Hour trying to make excuses for their failure.

Baptist Church refuses to marry black couple

Here’s one of those stories that seems so ridiculous it couldn’t have possibly happened. But apparently this one did actually occur- a black couple was told by a church they could not be married because they were black. Amazingly, in a cowardly act, the Pastor of the church said that about 5 people complained and so he told them to go to another church in order to ‘avoid controversy.’ Get the full story HERE.

Small businesses are the epitome of the American Dream. Read their inspiring stories; they will restore your faith in following your dreams.

STUPID GIRL? CNN bumps in with offensive slam on Palin

CNN traveled further down the road of self-destruction this weekend, entering Jimmy Fallon territory by bumping to a segment on Sarah Palin with the song “Stupid Girls.” They later gave a lame apology, claiming “the music was not intended to be linked to the news story.” So clearly CNN doesn’t just think Sarah Palin is stupid, they think their viewers are as well.

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Rebroadcast of Restoring Love on TBN: If you missed Restoring Love you can catch a rebroadcast this Saturday August 4th @ 8PM Pacific Time on Trinity Broadcast Network.

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