Epic media hypocrisy

UPDATE: Torrie recaps amazing journey from Detroit to Restoring Love
Torrie is the former SEIU working, Obama supporting, black American who took the advice Glenn gave to him years ago. Do your own homework – Torrie did, and wow did he have quite the turnaround. How did the trip to Texas change him? He called into radio today to explain.

Epic media hypocrisy: Ann Romney’s $990 shirt bad... Michelle Obama’s $6800 shirt good!

Epic media hypocrisy: Ann Romney’s $990 shirt bad… Michelle Obama’s $6800 shirt good!
The media has really outdone themselves with this one. They roundly thumped Ann Romney for wearing a $990 shirt – but when Michelle Obama wears something almost seven times as expensive, she’s lauded for saving a struggling economy – WATCH.

Wrath & Righteousness Episode 3 Now Available!
Glenn has already released the first two episodes of an incredible new e-book thriller series called Wrath & Righteousness, by bestselling author Chris Stewart. This is a series of books that helped Glenn to better understand where we are headed and to formulate the path that he’s currently on. There are ten episodes in total (about 5-6 full books worth of content), and we’re releasing them over the course of about one year. Get more information about this series and the release schedule here. Download Episodes 1, 2 or 3 here.

No biggie: DHS flippantly describes terrorists crossing border ‘from time to time’
Janet Napolitano casually brushed off worries that terrorists are crossing the border from ‘time to time’ even though DHS was specifically created to prevent this sort of activity. Glenn reacts to the latest border failure on radio today.

Pulling out all the stops: Barack Obama descendant of first slave?
A new report comes out, just in time for the election season, that claims Barack Obama is a direct descendant of the very first slave in America. That’s right, this super historical president is even more historical than you know! Don’t pay any attention to the crappy job he’s doing – just know he’s really historical!

Remarkable people, extraordinary small businesses, excellent products.
Let the small businesses at The Marketplace inspire you.

Another day, another bigoted media attack against Mormons
It’s quite amazing to watch a hapless media prattle on and on about how conservatives need to be more inclusive and more tolerant and more accepting — only to watch them hate on Mormons. A new poll reveals 43% of liberals wouldn’t vote for a Mormon just because they are Mormon. Glenn reacts on radio today.

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The 4th Hour: The White House recently addressed the controversy surrounding the removal of the Winston Churchill bust from the Oval Office. They gave the excuse that it was on loan and they had to give it back. Pat and Stu have the other side to this story that the White House didn’t tell you.

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Rebroadcast of Restoring Love on TBN:If you missed Restoring Love you can catch a rebroadcast this Saturday August 4th @ 8PM Pacific Time on Trinity Broadcast Network.

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