Disturbing Accusation: Harry Reid is a pedophile?

TONIGHT: Glenn turns his attention to the Muslim Brotherhood
Terrorists have infiltrated our borders through Mexico. They have also infiltrated our government – but there were no borders to cross, they were invited. No one else will share this information with you, but as we learned on 9-11, we can no longer afford to ignore the desire to destroy America. Don’t miss tonight’s episode of The Glenn Beck Programwatch live or on demand on GBTV.

Beck rips off O’Reilly: See Glenn’s epic wannabe O’Reilly segment.

Harry Reid a pedophile AND a pedophile-rapist? We haven’t heard him prove us wrong...

Harry Reid a pedophile AND a pedophile-rapist? We haven’t heard him prove us wrong…
Harry Reid made a wild claim with no evidence and accused Mitt Romney of being a felon. His evidence? A call he got at the office. That’s it. And then he doubles down and says ‘the word is out there – Mitt has to prove he paid taxes’. It’s such a pathetic and false attack it’s a wonder how Harry Reid lives with himself. Glenn gives Reid a taste of his own medicine on radio today as lots of ‘calls’ came into the ‘office’ with disturbing rumors about Harry Reid – WATCH.

Glenn gives Romney an epic response: Will he take the advice? See it HERE.

Viral leftist photo claims conservatives don’t help the poor …yeah, right
Frustrated by the outpouring of support for Chick-fil-A yesterday, liberals decided to make a video claiming that Christians would never, ever line up to feed the homeless and should stop wasting their time at Chick-fil-A. One small problem with this video — 35,000 freedom loving conservatives DID line up to feed the homeless…just last week. And there’s tons and tons of pictures and videos to prove it. See the attack.

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Van Jones’s son sets up (illegal?) lemonade stand: Beck lays out what progressives want his son to do with the money
A few nights ago Van Jones tweeted that his son had set up a lemonade stand and he was really excited because he wanted to save $5, spend $3 and give $3 to someone who really needs it. That’s neat and everything, but is Van Jones forgetting that in his progressive world his son better set aside at least $5 of that for TAXES. And was this an illegal stand? Did he pay the $100 for a food permit? Oh the horror! Glenn reacts on radio today.

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We lost him: dirtbag who berated innocent Chick-fil-A clerk gets canned #shucks – FULL STORY.

Rebroadcast of Restoring Love on TBN: If you missed Restoring Love you can catch a rebroadcast this Saturday August 4th @ 8PM Pacific Time on Trinity Broadcast Network.

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