Obama classmate claims scandal is at Columbia

EXCLSUIVE Mercury Confidential’s interview with Glenn Beck part two: The Speech
In the wake of what proved to be a truly historic week of service and charity, we sat down with Glenn to get his thoughts on how Restoring Love completes the Restoring trilogy he began two years ago in Washington D.C., how he feels coming out of this remarkable chapter of his life, and what comes next – READ.

SHOCKING: Is the FBI ignoring sex trafficking cases involving minors?
Former leftist turned FBI informant and conservative activist Brandon Darby sat down with guest host Dana Loesch last night to discuss how the DOJ is handling cases of human trafficking, in particularly sex-trafficking cases involving minors. You won’t believe what he had to say – WATCH.

Re-live the amazing Restoring Love event with these photos by George Lange
HERE. Find more great photos from George on his website.

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Obama classmate claims “scandal is at Columbia”
Former Columbia student Wayne Allen Root makes some SHOCKING allegations about President Obama in this exclusive op-ed from TheBlaze. Why won’t President Obama unseal his records from Columbia? More importantly, what would we find out if he did? It’s a scandal that could bring the President’s hopes for reelection crashing down if proven true – READ.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. shares what “most people don’t know” about the Roswell UFO crash. FULL story via TheBlaze.

The 1st Amendment is under attack: From attacks on the Catholic Church’s conscience rights to Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A’s freedom of speech, the left is out in full force to shut down opposing voices and opinions. Last night on GBTV, guest host Dana Loesch called out the leftist tactics and their unbelievable hypocricies in an EPIC monologue – WATCH.

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WARNING: There‘s a new ‘epic’ hack that uses only two easily found pieces of information.
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Glenn may be on vacation this week, but that doesn’t mean he’s not working…
A little time off is exactly what Glenn needed to put some finishing touches on his new live stage show, Unelectable 2. It’s coming to San Antonio’s Majestic Theater on Thursday, September 20th – DETAILS.

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