Free Chick-fil-A = Offensive?

EXCLSUIVE Mercury Confidential: The music of Restoring Love
Conservative principles always seem to be playing catch-up when it comes to making it into the ‘mainstream’. Glenn has made it clear that in order for us to succeed in restoring this country, we will have to take back our culture. What role does music play in changing the hearts and minds of Americans? And why do we lose if we don’t occupy the culture? Glenn explains in this EXCLUSIVE interview!

Listen, download, and share the music from Restoring Love HERE.

The leaders of the conservative movement the media doesn’t want you to know about
There is a reason conservatives have been so successful with new media, social media and spreading their message on the ground, and it’s one the mainstream media hopes they never have to shed a light on. The grassroots conservative movement, the “new American Revolution,” is being led by Gen Y – WATCH.

5 Facts we know about Obama’s college years READ.

Restoring Love Week was a success of epic proportions!
Thousands descended on Dallas to take part in the movement to restore freedom, honor, and love, while even more played a role by witnessing the incredible events on GBTV Plus. Did you miss any of the inspiring events? You can see Matt Maher’s EPIC finale to Restoring Love HERE and watch the full event and all of the Restoring Love events ON DEMAND on GBTV Plus. Start a 14 day FREE trial to see this historic event.

‘Virgin Sh**’: Critics blame Lolo Jones’ virginity for her 4th place Olympic finish.
While many have praised Lolo Jones for holding true to her values and waiting until marriage to have sex, in the wake of her Olympic performance, some are now using her virtuous decision against her. Full story via TheBlaze.

The future of conservatism: Freedom and liberty have been taken for granted for a long time in this country. The result? A generation of apathetic 20-somethings that don’t know what tyranny looks like – or so media would have you believe. Guest host Dana Loesch was joined by a full studio audience of people that the media would have you believe don’t exist: young conservative activists – WATCH.

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Free Chick-fil-A = Offensive? A Democratic lawmaker says Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) “deliberately” offended members of the Congressional Black Caucus by having chicken and biscuits from Chick-fil-A catered to their weekly meeting. Who knew buying a delicious breakfast for a room full of people could be considered offensive. Get the full story HERE.

Mercury Confidential: Which GBTV staffer owned a sandwich shop before becoming a producer?
People who end up working for Mercury usually have a pretty crazy story. We’ve already profiled a former goat herder (seriously) who went on to organize both Restoring Honor and Restoring Courage. Now the spotlight shifts to Eric Pearce, who worked in a deli before deciding he wanted to work in television. How did he go from making hoagies to producing for Glenn’s show at CNN? And how did he work his way up the ladder to running TV operations for GBTV/TheBlaze? Find out HERE.

The next few months will be critical!
Glenn’s GBTV (which is becoming TheBlaze TV) is more than just a network – it’s a VERB. It’s not just something you watch, it’s something you DO. We face one of the most critical and difficult times in our nation’s history. As a subscriber you are guaranteed a front row seat for some of Glenn’s most inspiring shows ever (both radio and his nightly program) – plus the riveting documentaries, special events, real-time election coverage this November, revolutionary original programming, and all of the content that makes GBTV a valuable part of each and every day. No matter how hard it gets, we remain committed to bringing you the most revolutionary, real-time, and relevant programming available anywhere.

What happened during yesterday’s primaries? On Tuesday, voters in Missouri, Michigan, Washington and Kansas chose their candidates for the House and Senate. Here’s a full recap of the results.

Glenn may be on vacation this week, but that doesn’t mean he’s not working.
A little time off is exactly what Glenn needed to put some finishing touches on his new live stage show, Unelectable 2. It’s coming to San Antonio’s Majestic Theater on Thursday, September 20th – DETAILS.

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