Will Glenn finally like someone in the White House?

Will Glenn finally like someone in the White House?

VP pick shows Romney is serious about reducing size of federal government
Glenn praised Romney’s VP pick on radio today and had plenty of positive things to say about his new running mate, Paul Ryan. First and foremost, Ryan deserves credit for actually putting forth a specific plan to solve our budget woes – something no one else had the guts to do. Second, that plan includes trillions in cuts. Will Romney follow through? Glenn explains on radio today.

Allen West in primary challenge TOMORROW Glenn talked to one of the Tea Party favorites on radio today, Congressman Allen West. He talked at length about Romney’s VP selection, his personal opinion of Paul Ryan, and of the mildly surprising primary challenge he’s facing tomorrow. What type of candidate challenges someone like West in the primary? “A liberal who’s running as a Republican,” according to West. Watch the full interview HERE.

Michael Vey 2: Rise of the Elgen…ON SALE TOMORROW! The sequel to the instant #1 New York Times bestselling thriller Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 is finally here! A first rate sci-fi thriller that will have everyone in your family begging for their turn to read it. Pre-order your hardcopy or e-book now from Amazon, BN.com or Appleso you or your kids don’t have to wait an extra second to dive in.

True Love? George Soros engaged to woman 42 years his junior
George Soros is tying the knot for the third time, this time to a woman who is decades younger than the global power chaser. Soros was 42 when his new bride was born – so long ago that Richard Nixon was President at the time. But apparently billions of dollars, er, true love can’t be held to normal societal constraints – Glenn has more on the happy couple on radio today.

Barton responds to critics: Read the exclusive interview via TheBlaze responding to the relentless attacks happening against him right now & the points of contention HERE.

Did Romney kill your wife?
Should wives across the country fear Mitt Romney? According to a new pro-Obama PAC ad they should. The ad all but blames Mitt Romney for the death of the wife of a steel worker who was laid off by Bain Capital. The only problem is that Romney left Bain seven years before any of this took place – MORE.

FLASHBACK: Glenn interviews VP pick Paul Ryan in 2011 – WATCH.

See Glenn Live in Movie Theaters Nationwide
Today Glenn announced the last show of his comedy tour, Unelectable 2012, will be simulcast live in movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, September 20th. This show is full of comedy—it’s Glenn’s version of a presidential debate featuring the performers and writers from The B.S. of A. Many are saying it could be the funniest show Glenn’s ever done, and it ends with an inspiring message that will have you on your feet full of hope. Get your tickets now!

Did you miss Stu’s stand up routine at Restoring Laughter?
Watch this hilarious clip of him roasting Glenn HERE!

Glenn designs new iPad charger: See it for yourself.

Stu Blog: Does Paul Ryan REALLY want to end Medicare?
You’ve heard the attacks, they’re basically accusing Ryan of killing millions of old people as a result of his plans for Medicare. But will those “extreme” plans destroy Medicare as dramatically predicted by the left? Stu explains HERE.

Is everyone at your work talking about how great the Olympics were?
Can’t join in the water-cooler chatter because you missed them (or just didn’t care)? Pat & Stu sum the games up for you in less than two minutes – WATCH!

How many times has Obama’s re-election team used & lied about the Joe Soptic story? Too many to count… READ.

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