Biden strikes again! Another spectacular gaffe…


During Restoring Love, Glenn announced that there were some plans in the works for the week of 9/12 in Ohio – it’s something you’re not going to want to miss. It’s something that he thinks could change the paradigm in terms of the media, information and culture. What’s the big plan? Get a preview HERE and WATCH the full episode On Demand!

Gaffe master Joe Biden strikes again - and then again!

Gaffe master Joe Biden strikes again – and then again!

Just when you thought it was impossible for Joe Biden to top his last epic gaffe, he goes and tells a crowd in Virginia that Romney will ‘put y’all back in chains,’ before screwing up again and saying the wrong state. Check out Glenn’s reaction to Biden’s latest spectacular gaffe on GBTV.

Amazing Black Panther audio

The New Black Panthers are at it again, members are threatening violence during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, as well as calling for a new military run by the organization that would engage in racial violence. It’s a wonder some of these panthers aren’t in jail, as they are specifically calling for the killing of ‘cracker babies’ in “self defense” – check out the disturbing audio tape and reaction HERE.

Former military, intelligence officials united against Obama

Apparently tired of the constant military leaks that have only served to harm the armed forces community, a group of former officials have teamed up to publicly rebuke the current administration. Typically military officials don’t get overly political but this group is so fearful of what may happen next they decided to speak out. Full story HERE.

Want a book both you and your kids will love?

Published by Glenn’s Mercury Ink imprint, Michael Vey 2: Rise of the Elgen is the sequel to the instant #1 New York Times bestselling thriller Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25. The second installment of the young adult sci-fi thriller series is on sale now. It’s a story about hope and the power of goodness in an increasingly dark world. It teaches our children that if they persist, and do what they know to be right, no matter how much pressure they face to do otherwise, then anything is possible. Click to watch the trailer! Plus, don’t miss this Friday’s show on GBTV at 5pm ET, as best-selling author Richard Paul Evans joins Glenn to discuss the book and the powerful message behind it.

“Did anyone even vet this guy?”:’s hilarious new anti-Romney ad

This morning on radio, Glenn played the latest anti-Romney ad from Democrat’s favorite smear machine, An ad so “epic” they claim it could “stop Mitt Romney from being elected.” How? The SHOCKING exposure of the GOP’s “three prong plan,” of course! WATCH Glenn react to MoveOn’s hilarious ad, featuring blackboards, conspiracy theories and more.

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MUST WATCH: Radio guests explain amazing story of tragedy and forgiveness

There are few, if any, things more powerful than forgiveness. Today on the Glenn Beck radio program, Glenn featured an improbable & inspiring story about a man who lost his wife and unborn child to a drunk driver who crashed into their car – today the two are very close. Glenn interviewed them both on radio today.

Glenn’s Unelectable 2012 is coming to a movie theater near you!

When you think of the great presidential debates throughout history, there’s Lincoln and Douglas in 1858, Kennedy and Nixon in 1960, and then there is Glenn’s new live comedy stage show, Unelectable 2012. On Thursday, September 20th you can see it LIVE! Glenn’s hilarious comedy tour will be simulcast live at a movie theater near you. Get all the details and tickets HERE.

What is Leadership? If America has learned anything in the last four years it should be this: It’s not the characteristics that a person has that defines them as a leader, it’s the ones they don’t have. In November, when it is time for America to make one of the most important leadership decisions in our history, will we choose a charismatic, popular leader or will we look for a leader lacking ego, arrogance and self-interest? WATCH

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