Obama’s Marxist gaffe reel

David Barton declared dangerous right wing ‘hate’ extremist by SLPC

The Southern Poverty Law Center, who is often cited by the MSM when trying to execute the “right wing extremism on the rise” story line, has declared David Barton one of the most dangerous extremists in America. Yes, the man most famous for talking about the Founders is considered a public enemy. Glenn reacts with the appropriate mockery on radio today – WATCH.

Tonight: Barton defends himself from accusations

Don’t miss Glenn’s exclusive interview with David Barton tonight on GBTV. David will respond to a group of evangelical conservative Christians who are calling his work and credibility into question. Watch GBTV tonight LIVE or On Demand!

Obama’s Marxist gaffe reel

Obama’s Marxist gaffe reel

There have been so many incredibly outrageous things said by this President it’s tough to remember them all. “Punished with a baby,” “spreading the wealth around,” “making the ocean levels recede,” “typical white person” — there are too many to name. Glenn covers the most outrageous things Obama has said on radio today. Media ignores new threats from NBP & FRC shooting in D.C. As predicted, after a progressive shooter goes on the loose, committing acts of violence, the story can hardly be found anywhere. That’s exactly what happened when a deranged apparent leftist walked into the conservative Family Research Council with a Chick-Fil-A bag and shot a security guard. He was apparently targeting the group because of CEO Dan Cathy’s comments on gay marriage. Glenn reacts on radio.

Glenn’s Unelectable 2012 is coming to a movie theater near you!

When you think of the great presidential debates throughout history, there’s Lincoln and Douglas in 1858, Kennedy and Nixon in 1960, and then there is Glenn’s new live comedy stage show, Unelectable 2012. On Thursday, September 20th you can see it LIVE! Glenn’s hilarious comedy tour will be simulcast live at a movie theater near you. Get all the details and tickets HERE.

Lolo, Tutu & Tata – Watch Glenn’s epic TV monologue from last night

President Obama said this week that he wants to create an America where anyone can make it regardless of their last name or how different they are. The irony of this statement is so incredible Glenn used the president’s own life story, to prove it. The America Obama wants to create clearly already exists – WATCH.

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Glenn contracts West Nile Virus?

Glenn recently moved his studio operations to Dallas, Texas where the mayor recently declared a state of emergency due to how quickly the West Nile Virus is spreading. Coincidentally, Glenn is experiencing the exact symptoms of West Nile. Stu reads the symptoms and it kinda freaks Glenn out.

Glenn interviews GBTV’s Matt Fisher on his horrific Progressive Insurance experience

Matt Fisher (of GBTV’s comedy show The B.S. of A.) recently made international news by writing an emotional and infuriating blog about the despicable actions taken by Progressive Insurance in the wake of his sister’s tragic death. He talked with Glenn about the horrific ordeal on radio today.

Did Fareed Zakaria plagarize Stu? Find out in the latest Stu Blog.

A book for you and your kids!

Published by Glenn’s Mercury Ink imprint, Michael Vey 2: Rise of the Elgen is the sequel to the instant #1 New York Times bestselling thriller Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25. The second installment of the young adult sci-fi thriller series is on sale now. It’s a story about hope and the power of goodness in an increasingly dark world. It teaches our children that if they persist, and do what they know to be right, no matter how much pressure they face to do otherwise, then anything is possible. Click to watch the trailer! Plus, don’t miss this Friday’s show on GBTV at 5pm ET, as best-selling author Richard Paul Evans joins Glenn to discuss the book and the powerful message behind it.

Pat and Stu take to the rumor mills today: Will Obama keep Joe Biden as his running mate the second time around? Will Joe’s accumulation of well-documented gaffes force the Obama administration to opt for a new VP, like Hillary Clinton? Pat and Stu ask those very questions today on The 4th Hour. WATCH.

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