Obama stars in most embarrassing broadcast moment of all time

Obama stars in most embarrassing broadcast moment of all time

Obama stars in most embarrassing broadcast moment of all time

First it was People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight – but it looks like President Obama was just getting warmed up. Now he’s making the rounds on the really “hard hitting” morning radio shows. What are the tough questions they’re throwing at Obama? ‘What’s your favorite color?’ ‘Which super-hero superpower would you prefer?’ ‘What’s your favorite song to work out to?’ You know, the important issues. But Team Obama insists these softball interviews are “equally as important” as the news networks. Glenn has the audio of the interviews and reacts.

Newsweek: Hit The Road, Barack

Surprise, surprise, Barack Obama is on the cover of Newsweek Magazine. Again. But wait! This time the headline is not what you would expect. Seriously, it isn’t. You will be shocked – have they finally decided to print something that’s actually true? Find out HERE.

Glenn’s hitting the Big Screen!

The last show of Glenn’s comedy tour, Unelectable 2012, will be simulcast live in movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, September 20th. This show is full of comedy—it’s Glenn’s version of a presidential debate featuring the performers and writers from The B.S. of A. Many are saying it could be the funniest show Glenn’s ever done, and it ends with an inspiring message that will have you on your feet full of hope. Get your tickets and all the details HERE!

Small crowds? No! Obama ‘intentionally limiting’ crowd sizes to ‘better connect’ with voters

President Obama has spent a large portion of the last four years campaigning for the next four. By now, he should be more than aware that in order to win an election you have to excite your base. So, as the media begins to confront the Obama camp about the dwindling crowds at campaign stops, is anyone really buying the claim that they’re “intentionally limiting the crowd size?” Glenn reacts to the ridiculous statement on radio.

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Obama: Obamacare cured cancer!

Obamacare may not kick in fully until next year, but that’s not stopping team Obama from making wild claims of how successful it’s been so far. Not worrying about any shred of accuracy, Team Obama wistfully and dramatically declares that Obamacare is already curing cancer.

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Stu & Pat analyze President Obama’s hard hitting “Morning Mayhem” interview

Today on The 4th Hour, Stu and Pat broke down the toughest interview President Obama has had to date, Albuquerque’s KOB-FM “Morning Mayhem” show. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a “tough” interview, but Obama’s answers show what kind of man he truly is – WATCH.

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