Obama: No one ever suggested Romney a felon (LOL)

What is Bill O’Reilly’s problem with Lincoln?
On Tuesday’s radio show, Glenn welcomed “King of Cable News” Bill O’Reilly to the program for an interview about his new book, Lincoln’s Last Days: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever. Yes, that’s right, Bill O’Reilly wrote ANOTHER book about killing Abraham Lincoln. What does Bill O’Reilly have against Lincoln? Why does he want to make sure he stays dead? These are the questions that Glenn wants answered.

Glenn visits the Navajo Nation: WATCH.

Obama: No one ever suggested Romney a felon

Obama: No one ever suggested Romney a felon (LOL)
For once, President Obama was actually asked a tough question in his first WH press conference in months. After trying to capitalize on a horrific gaffe made by some no name Congressman, the focus ended up being on his campaign’s dishonest smears and persistent suggestion that Romney may be a felon. Glenn has the audio and reaction HERE.

Freedom vs. Free Stuff
Glenn reacted to another study that confirmed what most conservatives already know: red states are more charitable than blue. It underscores one of the main reasons Glenn has moved to Texas, when the economy screeches to a halt, do you want to be around people who are charitable or those desperately seeking a handout? Glenn has more on radio today.

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Media latches onto Akin’s idiocy, ignore Democratic sex scandal
America now knows all about some Senate nominee they’d never heard of before because it’s that time again: election season! Democrats haven’t had much good news lately, so they settled for an idiotic statement (“legitimate rape”) from a guy with an R next to his name. But have you heard about the Democrat who got caught having sex with a 17-year-old at a highway rest stop? Of course not! WATCH.

It’s Time for Action!
Be part of the next great movement! Join Glenn as he unveils a new project that will revolutionize the grassroots movement for freedom. See him LIVE at the “CALL TO ACTION” rally hosted by FreedomWorks on Saturday, September 15th in Cincinnati, Ohio. Buy tickets today! Can’t make it to Ohio? Watch the event LIVE on GBTV – stay tuned for more details to come!

Glenn’s hitting the Big Screen!
The last show of Glenn’s comedy tour, Unelectable 2012, will be simulcast live in movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, September 20th. This show is full of comedy—it’s Glenn’s version of a presidential debate featuring the performers and writers from The B.S. of A. Many are saying it could be the funniest show Glenn’s ever done, and it ends with an inspiring message that will have you on your feet full of hope. Get your tickets and all the details HERE!

Doesn’t look like Obama is getting much love from his supporters lately: Pat & Stu discuss how he is losing some of his big time confidants to Romney, like the former co-chairman of his campaign – WATCH.

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