Glenn agrees with Obama: this is the biggest election yet

Glenn agrees with Obama: this is the biggest election yet

Glenn agrees with Obama: this is the biggest election yet
Of course, Glenn agrees for a completely different reason. Barack Obama warned us 4 years ago that he would ‘fundamentally transform America’ if he were elected. He’s doing it and if he has another 4 years it’s uncertain if America as we know it would survive. Glenn has the new Obama ad and reaction on radio – WATCH.

Anderson Cooper destroys Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Anderson Cooper has always been one of Glenn’s favorite people and last night he showed why. When he sees BS he will pounce, and whenever Debbie Wasserman Schultz is around there’s usually a big heaping pile of BS. She was on his program last night and you must see this exchange where he catches her in a blatant lie. Glenn plays the clip & reacts on radio.

Mass shooting in NYC at the Empire State Building:
A disgruntled former employee, who was allegedly recently fired from his job, went on a shooting spree in mid-town Manhattan today outside the Empire State Building. The gunman was shot dead by police. DETAILS

Glenn’s coming to your local movie theater!
The last show of Glenn’s comedy tour, Unelectable 2012, will be simulcast live in movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, September 20th. Many are saying it could be the funniest show Glenn’s ever done, and it ends with an inspiring message that will have you on your feet full of hope. Get your tickets and all the details!

Ex-marine Brandon Raub’s incredible (scary) story
Fortunately this frightening and bizarre tale had a happy ending — a judge stepped in and ordered the release of Brandon Raub yesterday based on the lack of charges against him. Despite having a few non-mainstream opinions, Raub showed no signs of mental health issues yet was about to be carted for 30 days of involuntary mental health examinations. Glenn has the shocking details of the story.

Gawker breathlessly attacks Mitt Romney’s Cayman Island accountseven though Gawker has em too.

How many small business owners do you know?
If you support them in your local community, why not support them in our online community and join our Marketplace newsletter!

Israel: One Year Later
It’s the one year anniversary of Restoring Courage. Tonight on GBTV, Glenn will be joined by Pastor Hagee, Rabbi Lapin, and others to look at Israel one year later. Where does Israel stand at this time in history? Tune in tonight live at 5pm ET or watch on demand.

Today on “As Seen on the 4th Hour”: Jeffy attempts Paul Ryan’s favorite exercise regimen, P90X. Find out how Jeffy did and watch HERE!

2016 the movie – Glenn’s stunning interview with Dinesh D’Souza
Dinesh D’Souza has a new movie coming out this weekend, 2016: Obama’s America, that could play a similar role in the 2012 election just like Michael Moore’s movie did in 2004. Dinesh gives incredible insight into the upbringing of Barack Obama, and gives the bizarre story of how Obama’s own brother called Dinesh in a time of need, not the most powerful man on the planet (who also happens to be his brother). Check out the interview HERE.

It’s Time for Action!
Be part of the next great movement! Join Glenn as he unveils a new project that will revolutionize the grassroots movement for freedom. See him LIVE at the “CALL TO ACTION” rally hosted by FreedomWorks on Saturday, September 15th in Cincinnati, Ohio – buy your tickets today! Can’t make it to Ohio? You will be able to watch the event LIVE on GBTV Plus – stay tuned for more details to come!

The #1 Children’s Book in America
Nielsen Bookscan reported that Michael Vey 2 (published by Glenn’s Mercury Ink imprint) was the #1 selling Children’s/Young Adult book in the country last week (take that, Hunger Games)! It’s a story about hope and the power of goodness in an increasingly dark world. It teaches our children that if they persist and do what they know to be right, no matter how much pressure they face, then anything is possible. Get a copy personally autographed by author Richard Paul Evans before they run out!

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