Matthews suffers epic meltdown vs. RNC official

Chris Matthews’s epic meltdown/fail on Morning Joe

Chris Matthews’s epic meltdown/fail on Morning Joe

Chris Matthews regularly humiliates himself weekday evenings on MSNBC, but today he made room in his busy busy schedule for some additional humiliation. He appeared on Morning Joe today and became so enraged and incoherent that even Mika and Tom Brokaw were disgusted by him. Check out the epic fail and get the reaction from radio today.


Following Chris Matthews’s Morning Joe blow up, TheBlaze caught up with RNC Chair Reince Priebus. Watch the clip HERE.

Mistake: Romney makes a birther joke

Mitt Romney is a lot of things – successful businessman, decent human being, family man. One thing he’s not? Funny. So it’d probably be a good move to stop trying to have him make jokes at the beginning of stump speeches. Like a recent speech in Michigan when a harmless joke came out bad & ended up giving democrats fodder for a few days – WATCH.

It’s Time for Action! Be part of the next great movement!

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Republican women for Obama will make you lose your lunch video

Obama’s campaign team has produced a campaign commercial starring alleged “Republican” women who claim they are now for Obama. As you’ve probably predicted, most attribute their sudden switch to the so-called “war on women.” One woman went as far to basically say, ‘if you are for a small government, then you have to be for Obama because he’s pro-choice.’ Stu and Pat break down the ridiculousness of it all HERE.

Are the youth today incredibly uninformed or, as Pat puts it, just butt stupid?

Find out what consensus was reached on The 4th Hour – WATCH.

Are the kids looking for fun new outfits this school year?

Take a virtual spin through The Marketplace as Hannah Kate puts a clean, fresh look on children’s clothes with fun embroidered prints and bright colors. Make the kids happy – while supporting small business at The Marketplace!

Atheist Richard Dawkins: People are apes; Jesus probably didn’t exist; Christ dying for our sins ‘disgusting’ idea

Prominent atheist Richard Dawkins unleashed on believers in a recent interview with Playboy magazine, calling into question the intelligence of anyone who believes in God. His superiority complex is really quite interesting, especially given some of his explanations for the origin of life – namely the one about how space aliens designed life and ‘seeded it’ here on earth. Genius. Full story & reaction on radio today.

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