Who will be surprise speaker at RNC? George Obama? Glenn?!

E.D. Hill anchoring TheBlaze TV’s convention coverage…
The Republican National Convention shifts into high gear today with a number of high profile speakers to kick things off, including Ann Romney and NJ Governor Chris Christie. Today on radio, Stu & Pat (Glenn is still under the weather) interview E.D. Hill. E.D., who will be the face of TheBlaze TV’s coverage at the RNC (which begins tonight at 7pm ET exclusively for TheBlaze TV Plus subscribers). Check it out HERE.

GBTV has been officially renamed TheBlaze TV: What’s changed? Click for details.

Newt Gingrich absolutely wrecks Chris Matthews
Most weeks aren’t good for Chris Matthews, but this one has been exceptionally rough on the MSNBC host. After getting thoroughly dismantled yesterday morning by Tom Brokaw, Mika & an RNC official for calling Mitt Romney’s “birther” joke racist, Matthews thought it would be a good idea to try the exact same thing on Newt Gingrich. Hilarity ensues as Newt rips Matthews to shreds.

Who will be surprise speaker at RNC? George Obama? Glenn?!

Who will be surprise speaker at RNC? George Obama? Glenn?!
There’s a glaring hole in Thursday’s prime time speaking slot labeled ‘To Be Determined’ at the GOP convention. No one knows for sure who it is but rumors are swirling. Clint Eastwood? George Obama? Glenn Beck? Stu & Pat address the rumors on radio today.

Leftist celebs bummed Isaac didn’t kill conservatives: Hollywood has long claimed the mantle of inclusiveness – but when hurricanes narrowly miss a large gathering of conservatives, how do they react? Find out HERE.

More inclusiveness: Dems reject Catholic prayer at convention but schedule 2 hours of Islamic prayer – DETAILS.

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Does the left really care about the middle class?
Stu & Pat analyze their tactics and come up with a controversial position of their own: eliminate the middle class!

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‘What goes on in there?’ Brian Williams is really scared of Mormons
The media wasn’t interested in Obama’s spiritual mentor & pastor for 20 years. You know, the one who routinely says things like “U.S. KKK of A.” in his sermons — but now they are all over Mormonism. NBC produced a “special” on the religion which featured jaded former Mormons and an over-dramatic Brian Williams, who breathlessly questioned: “I can’t get into the Mormon Temple…What goes on in there…?”

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