Glenn reacts to the powerful Ann Romney speech

Paul Ryan speaks TONIGHT
There is a lot of buzz about Paul Ryan’s big speech this evening on day two of the Republican National Convention. If you missed any of last night’s great exclusive coverage from TheBlaze TV (formerly GBTV) you can watch E.D. Hill’s ‘Real News’ wrap from day one HERE. TheBlaze TV live coverage from the RNC starts again tonight at 7pm ET, directly following Real News from TheBlaze. Start a 14 FREE trial and join us tonight!

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Gwen Ifill: Disgraced Yahoo News reporter ‘God’s gift to political journalism’
The Yahoo News Washington Bureau Chief who was fired today after saying Mitt Romney doesn’t care if black people drown is getting support from fellow ‘journalists’ like Gwen Ifill and Glenn Thrush. Ifill actually called him ‘God’s gift to political journalism’ – which isn’t surprising given her leanings. Full story

Glenn reacts to the powerful Ann Romney speech

Glenn reacts to the powerful Ann Romney speech
Glenn watched Ann Romney’s speech last night and had pretty much all good things to say about how effective it was and how it connected with the American people. Started a little slow and then she was off the charts good. What set it apart – other than the fact she didn’t tell people what to eat, what to drive & that she’s finally proud of America now that her husband is the nominee? Find out HERE.

Juan Williams smears Ann Romney as a ‘corporate wife’
Ann Romney delivered a great speech last night that was universally praised by pundits on both sides. But that didn’t stop some from coming up with new and inventive ways to smear her – Juan Williams took that art to a whole new level when he said she sounded like a ‘corporate wife’ as if anyone knows what that means. Glenn reacts on radio today – WATCH.

“Public schools are like factories trying to push out a product, and I don’t want my kids to be products.”
That’s why Julie Huss started Simple Schooling Classroom, which offers several curriculums in the tricky subject of science for home schooled children. Check them out today in The Marketplace.

Rising star? Mia Love
The media all but ignored a fantastic speech from Mia Love, who could be the first ever black Republican congresswoman. She talked about how her parents came to America with $10 to their name but worked hard and became successful – without the help of the federal government. Was this the coming out party for a future GOP star? STORY.

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The most powerful three paragraphs: from Neil Armstrong
Glenn also enjoyed Governor Chris Christie’s speech last night and felt he did a great job not getting mired in the petty partisan attacks the opposition is engaging in. Instead of focusing on where we’ve been, he looked ahead – that’s what Americans long for. It made Glenn think of a letter written not too long ago by Neil Armstrong, which contains what Glenn called three of the most powerful paragraphs he’s ever read. Read them HERE. You can also read the full Armstrong letter HERE.

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