What’s Ann Coulter think of the RNC so far?

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Don’t miss Paul Ryan’s electrifying speech from night two of the RNC! WATCH

Another failed Paul Ryan “Fact Check”
It didn’t take long after the Ryan speech for the Obama team to start firing off emails claiming Ryan is the worst liar this planet has ever seen. Stu and the journalists over at TheBlaze have taken a look at all the claims from the left to see who’s telling the truth and who’s full of it.

The worst political point in history? This is what desperation looks like…
MSNBC’s lead socialist Larry O’Donnell showed just how desperate things are for the left. When read a quote by the Republicans bashing Obama for the amount of golf he’s playing, Larry tried to explain what the RNC was really trying to say with the golf joke. You will not believe how bad this point is — seriously.

E.D. Hill: Paul Ryan just made Obama look old, outdated, unhip
Glenn interviewed E.D. Hill on radio today to talk about day 2 of the Republican National Convention. She made an observation that Glenn felt was spot on – Paul Ryan actually made Mr. Hipster-in-chief look old, outdated and lame. And that’s before he got into any substance, which of course was so devastating to the left they immediately went into attack mode. Check out Glenn’s interview with E.D. HERE.

RNC duo try to top Stu & Pat’s epic ‘serving others’ speech fail?
While Paul Ryan was fantastic, there were a lot of painfully bad speeches at the RNC yesterday. McCain showed America why he lost by double digits to Obama, Portman and Pawlenty made Romney look electric, and 2 Florida political bigwigs did their best to top Stu & Pat’s epic ‘serving others’ speech fail at Restoring Love – WATCH.

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What’s Ann Coulter think of the RNC so far?

What’s Ann Coulter think of the RNC so far?
Glenn talked with one of the best minds in the conservative movement today, Ann Coulter. With two days of the RNC down and another big night tonight, how does Ann think the GOP is doing with its message to the American people so far? Take a look at the interview from radio today – WATCH.

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How well do Stu and Pat know each other?
After years of broadcasting together one would think Pat and Stu know each other pretty well. But how well? Watch this clip to find out!

Dreading the first school year as empty nesters?
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Over 65? Leftists think you are all done being productive in society: Obama and the left view people over 65 as a liability and someone who needs government to take care of them. Glenn tells the story of one person who didn’t become a success until after he was 65. Who was it?

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