Did Romney’s speech seal the deal?

‘EXTORTION': Why did the Labor Department ‘drop the hammer’ on Oregon farmers? You won’t believe this story – MORE.

Did Romney’s speech seal the deal?

Did Romney’s speech seal the deal?
The pundits all reacted to Romney’s speech in the same way. All agreed it was ‘solid’ but not spectacular. Glenn felt basically the same way, but felt there was one aspect of it that made it a great speech. Style and delivery were good but not soaring – so what made it connect with the American people? And did it seal the deal? Glenn’s unique take HERE.

It was great to see Clint Eastwood…BUT…
The big surprise speaker last night at the RNC was Clint Eastwood. The huge hollywood icon took to the stage to a standing ovation, but then things took an unexpected turn. Eastwood brought out an empty chair and ‘interviewed’ Barack Obama. Was he able to pull it off? Find out HERE. Tell us what you thought of Clint’s speech HERE.

Look how far we’ve come: Glenn’s unexpected, emotional response to another ‘barrier’ broken
Glenn didn’t see this one coming. Last night his son climbed into bed as he watched Mitt Romney deliver his acceptance speech to the delegates at the RNC and he suddenly teared up – the gravity of the moment hit Glenn. America is such an amazing country and here is yet another example why – Glenn explains (and cries) HERE.

PHOTO: See the Civil Rights era photo Glenn was talking about on radio HERE.

It’s getting comical: MSNBC’s ‘journalists’ humiliate NBC yet again: Leave it to MSNBC to find a birther conspiracy in Romney’s speech last night. It became pretty apparent they cannot handle the truth — when Romney mentioned American exceptionalism, “when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American” MSNBC went all 3rd grade…WATCH.

Off his meds?: Florida Rep. Allen West takes Chris Matthews to task for his wild Chicago theory – WATCH.

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Stu fact checks the fact checkers in the newest Stu Blog entry.
Did Mitt Romney lie about Obama gutting welfare reform in his ad? FactCheck says no. But who’s taking their word after this week?

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A President has a responsibility to honor the fallen and wounded soldiers: WATCH

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