Glenn’s nightmare trip on American Airlines

Glenn's nightmare trip on American Airlines

Glenn’s visit to inclusive, tolerant NYC & American Airlines flight reveals ugly hatred
Glenn visited NYC this weekend and one might be shocked (or not) to learn that the liberal city that touts its inclusiveness and tolerance didn’t live up to the billing when a prominent conservative comes to town. To make matters worse, Glenn’s flight back on American Airlines had even more hate than NYC did. Glenn tells the story on radio today – WATCH.

Glenn offers listener $500 to watch the Democratic Convention speeches
But is it enough? The convention kicks off with Debbie Wasserman Schultz which could mean Glenn’s bid of $500 is far, far too low. Is there anyone willing to sit through the agonizing torture that is the Democratic National Convention? Glenn finds out on radio today.

Joe Biden: yeah we’re better off… I’d tell you why but it’s too hot outside
Joe Biden was in epic form this weekend when he defiantly challenged every economic indicator in existence to say that yes, despite this horrific economy, everyone is better off today than they were four years ago. What evidence does Jolt’n Joe have to back up the claim? He’d tell you but it’s too hot out. Not kidding – he actually said that.

Is Moron Trivia coming back?!?
Will “More-On Trivia” be back this football season? That’s the promise that Glenn made on radio this morning, despite Stu’s protests. Why doesn’t Stu believe that Glenn will bring the popular segment back to the broadcast? Find out HERE.

The 4th Hour investigates Joe Biden: Stu & Pat venture into the mind of Joe Biden in an attempt to discover what he meant to say when he spoke about the country “being better off today when they left us when they left.”

New Show Coming to TheBlaze TV Beginning Next Monday: WILKOW!
We are very excited to announce a brand new show coming to TheBlaze TV Plus beginning next Monday! Andrew Wilkow, SiriusXM national radio personality and one of the true up and coming conservative voices, is joining Glenn on TheBlaze TV with his new hour long news/talk show. Don’t miss the premiere of WILKOW! next Monday, September 10th at t 7pm ET, directly following Real News. Click for all the details!

HE Built This: Dave Thomas story
Last week on radio, Glenn went into detail about how Harland Sanders built the behemoth Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise from the ground up – and he did it without a handout from the government. This morning on radio, he used another fast food icon to showcase American hard work and ingenuity: Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s.

They DID build that. Small business owners built their businesses from the dreams that were their own, from the hard work that they put forth, and from the commitment that they themselves made. The Marketplace newsletter wants to share the individual stories of their success with you.

UNBELIEVABLE: 2008 Obama vs 2012 Obama
Glenn called it one of the best political ads he’d ever seen before. It featured 2008 Obama and 2012 Obama in full campaign mode. What was the big difference this time around? Nothing. In fact, they seem quite identical, making the same exact promises as four years ago, which leads people to believe that maybe nothing has changed in 4 years.

Glenn’s coming to a movie theater near you!
Since Glenn couldn’t personally visit every city in America on his Unelectable 2012 comedy tour, he has decided that the final show will be simulcast LIVE in movie theaters all over the country on September 20th. Watch Glenn drown in his own sweat while you relax in air conditioning, eating nachos and Milk Duds. Get your tickets and all the details!

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