Dem theme: God? No. Government? YES!

Exciting Announcement!
Glenn’s thrilled to announce a new project we are launching later this month: TheBlaze Radio Network! TheBlaze Radio Network will be the exclusive new home for renowned talk-radio personality Jay Severin. The lineup also includes a simulcast of Glenn’s radio show and audio simulcasts of TheBlaze TV shows! Make sure to LIKE TheBlaze on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter for all the latest news and programming updates, and click for all the exciting details about TheBlaze Radio Network.

Dem theme: God? No. Government? YES!

Dem theme: God? No. Government? YES!
All mentions of God were removed from the Democratic Platform this year – they only had one last year but had seven in 2004. Why are they deleting God? Last night gave a possible explanation – the 2nd biggest star was abortion, any mention of the gruesome act drew thunderous applause. Who did they replace God with? Government, naturally! WATCH

TOMORROW Glenn opens up about his faith: The mainstream media has done a great job smearing the Mormon faith in an attempt to scare voters away from Mitt Romney. Well, Glenn’s had enough. Tomorrow on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn gives you a look inside his faith and answers your questions. Want to know the truth behind the rumors about Mormonism? Watch TheBlaze TV this Thursday, LIVE at 5pm ET (or available on demand).

The real war on women: Egypt
For all the democrats talk about defending women’s rights and stopping the war on women, they sure are silent about what’s going on in Egypt. The latest developments in the movement championed by the Obama administration have women frightened for their lives now that the Muslim Brotherhood is starting to call the shots – WATCH.

Uh oh: more trouble for American Airlines
Glenn talked about his recent horrific flight experience on American Airlines and how suddenly, after Glenn talked about it to millions of Americans on radio yesterday, they decided to “investigate” the matter. But there was another incident — this time involving a teen with Down Syndrome.

New Show Coming to TheBlaze TV Beginning Monday: WILKOW!
Glenn’s very excited to announce a brand new show coming to TheBlaze TV Plus beginning Monday! Andrew Wilkow, SiriusXM national radio personality and one of the true up and coming conservative voices, is joining Glenn on TheBlaze TV with his new hour long news/talk show. Don’t miss the premiere of WILKOW! Monday, September 10th at 7pm ET, directly following Real News. Click for all the details!

Did Pearl Jam write one of their most popular songs about Lilly Ledbetter?
Pat & Stu think so. They also think Lilly got her facts on Romney wrong last night at the DNC convention – WATCH.

Alec Baldwin is still a moron
Alec Baldwin has mercifully been out of the news for quite a long stretch, but he’s talking again and that means the star will make headlines. Now he’s come out and said that if Obama weren’t black he’d be winning by 17 points. Glenn actually feels bad for Baldwin – he explains on radio today.

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Glenn’s coming to a movie theater near you!
Since Glenn couldn’t personally visit every city in America on his Unelectable 2012 comedy tour, he has decided that the final show will be simulcast LIVE in movie theaters all over the country on September 20th. Watch Glenn drown in his own sweat while you relax in air conditioning, eating nachos and Milk Duds. Get your tickets and all the details!

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