DNC really didn’t want to put God back in the platform!

EVEN Jon Stewart is shocked by DNC
Every now and again Jon Stewart pisses off his liberal audience with a bit slamming Democrats. They are especially funny to watch because the audience fails to laugh at them – even though it’s the exact same jokes he does to Republicans all the time. This time he aired a piece slamming the ‘party of inclusiveness’ and ‘tolerance’ who just don’t seem all that inclusive or tolerant – WATCH.

DNC really didn’t want to put God back in the platform!

DNC really didn’t want to put God back in the platform!
Yesterday afternoon the DNC saw a pretty wild scene that shocked most observers. After God got yanked from the DNC platform, Democrats decided to put Him back in. But when the floor person announced the change, to his surprise, loud shouts of ‘no!’ filled the arena. He was denied three times. Glenn reacts on radio today. Allen West also capitalized on the incident rather quickly with this ad – WATCH.

Slick Willy to the rescue
The party for women was proud to host Former President Bill Clinton, who is best known for his ability to convincingly lie about the times he cheated on his wife. Of course the media lionized him and acted as if he had just won Obama the election – what was Glenn’s take? Find out HERE.

Progressives: Pro-choice on abortion, anti-choice on EVERYTHING else
Well it turns out the Democrats do support small, limited government …well, at least on one issue anyway. Reason TV interviewed Democratic delegates at the DNC this week to find out what exactly they mean when they say “pro-choice.” As it turns out, they are anti-choice on just about every decision you might make that disagrees with their stance. WATCH the unbelievable video and see Glenn’s reaction.

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And people say Glenn is OCD? Check out this video of Glenn during a commercial break. What in the world is he doing?

Glenn: “Andrew Wilkow is my wife’s favorite talk show host. And that list includes me!”
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What’s the one thing Obama won’t be talking about in his DNC speech tonight?
His mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Read all about him and his influence on young Obama in the Nielsen Bookscan bestselling book from Glenn’s Mercury Ink: The Communist. Get your copy, or ebook copy now.

It is with great sadness that we report The 4th Hour has passed away due to market demand.
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