Glenn on Obama’s speech: now he goes all Thomas Jefferson?

Glenn on Obama’s speech: now he goes all Thomas Jefferson?
President Barack Obama started slinging around phrases last night that sounded eerily reminiscent of the founders. The only problem is none of the things Obama has actually done match the soaring rhetoric. Did the speech connect with the average American? Glenn has reaction to Obama’s big speech on radio today.

Allen West to Glenn Beck: Obama’s speech was ‘weak and whiny’ – check out the interview HERE.

Glenn’s special on Mormonism: Last night on TheBlaze TV, Glenn answered your questions on Mormonism. Everything from the history of the faith, to traditions, and even some of the more controversial topics were fair game. This was a special Glenn never wanted to do, but he’s now glad he did. So, does Mitt Romney’s Mormonism make him too scary or weird to be elected President?

New Show coming to TheBlaze TV on Monday!
Andrew Wilkow has made a huge name for himself in the world of conservative talk with his critically acclaimed radio show on SiriusXM Satellite radio, and now he’s bringing his unique recipe of rational thought and indisputable facts to TheBlaze TV! His new show starts on Monday – CLICK FOR DETAILS!

Learn the story of a mom who created a product and BUILT her business: Read her story of sacrifice and struggle and how “she built it” from the ground up HERE.

Unemployment drops to 8.1% but it’s hardly good news
The only reason the number has dipped is because of the participation rate. The number of unemployed people is actually up but because they quick looking for a job they no longer count as being in the work force. If you count those unemployed people as well the rate would be 11.2% – DETAILS.

Failed 2004 Dem nominee John Kerry fails again at Dem Convention: John Kerry took the stage last night and reminded America why he was unable to defeat a sitting duck in George W. Bush back in 2004 – WATCH.

Chris Matthews strikes again: Bill Clinton would know how to ‘reproduce’ with martians
Matthews Law states: ‘No matter how dumb the statement, a dumber one will always follow’ — ok it’s not an actual scientific law but it should be one. Chris Matthews proves it over and over again. What’d he say this time? That Bill Clinton is so smart he would know how to ‘reproduce’ and have sex with martians – WATCH.

Nothing Improper Occurred': University spokeswoman now denies flag mistreated by campaign at Obama event. Experts say otherwise – MORE.

Meltdown at the DNC: former MI gov goes all Howard Dean on stage
Glenn called the speech by the former Michigan gov at the DNC last night ‘down right insane’ and one listen immediately confirms this assessment. We haven’t seen this insane a rally speech since Howard Dean’s ‘yeaaaah!’ scream speech back in the 2004 Democratic primaries. Audio & reaction HERE.

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Glenn interviews Rick & Karen Santorum
Former GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum and his wife Karen phoned in to radio today and talked with Glenn about the Democratic Convention and President Obama’s speech last night. Why were the Democrats so focused on talking war and not the economy? That and more – check out the interview HERE.

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