Media ignores Obama’s latest embarrassing gaffe

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Andrew Wilkow talks to Glenn about his debut show
Glenn talked with Andrew Wilkow, the latest addition to TheBlaze TV’s brand new fall lineup. Don’t miss Andrew’s debut and check out his conversation with Glenn on radio today.

WATCH: Glenn’s interview with Senator Rand Paul on radio today HERE. Don’t miss the Senator tonight on the premiere of WILKOW!

MSNBC guest rips MSNBC’s DNC reporting
MSNBC wants to be taken seriously but makes it incredibly hard when they, for example, have convention coverage featuring Rachel Maddow as the lead ‘journalist’ on set. Adding commentary from self admitted socialist Lawrence O’Donnell, Al Sharpton and some other leftist guy who looks & thinks like he’s in middle-school doesn’t help either. One guest on the network pointed out the blatant bias — check out the confrontation & reaction from radio today.

Media ignores Obama’s latest embarrassing gaffe

Media ignores Obama’s latest embarrassing gaffe
Whenever George W. Bush made a silly mistake and now whenever Romney does the media pounces all over it as if it’s some indicator of massive incompetence. But, of course, when Obama humiliates himself on camera by not being able to figure out how to use the most user friendly cell phone in history the media yawns. But the big question is can Glenn (who doesn’t have a cell phone) operate an iPhone? Find out HERE.

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It’s come to this: Norah O’Donnell’s sad & pathetic attack on Paul Ryan
Disregarding a failing economy and countless mistruths from the current administration, Norah O’Donnell has decided to tackle Romney’s travel habits from 1980, the alleged “forced” haircut, and of course, Mitt Romney’s super secretive religion. But when Barack Obama says something that’s verifiably false the media is nowhere to be found. Glenn has all the false claims the media has ignored on radio today.

Was John Kerry right when he said Osama Bin Laden is better off than he was four years ago?
Stu & Pat break down his awful logic.

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Are Stu & Pat women-haters?
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