Glenn’s emotional 9/11 anniversary monologue

Does Israel really view Obama as friendly?
This morning, Glenn spoke with Israeli politician Danny Danon. The Obama administration has been calling themselves Israel’s best friend – but is that what the Israeli’s think? Check out the interview from radio today.

Glenn’s emotional 9/11 anniversary monologue

Glenn’s emotional 9/11 anniversary monologue
Hard to believe it’s been 11 years since the worst terrorist attack on American soil took place. Despite the time that has passed it doesn’t get any easier to look back at those painful pictures. Glenn talks about the most important thing to remember – the promise we made to each other. Have we kept it? WATCH

Glenn’s epic essay: The Greatest Generation
Eleven years ago, following the events of 9/11, Glenn wrote an essay called “The Greatest American Generation.” Do you still find what Glenn wrote in this essay to be true?

Did Obama leave God out of 9/11 proclamation?
Conservatives are up in arms about Barack Obama’s 9/11 proclamation which allegedly left out God. Technically that is correct, but is that the full story? TheBlaze fact checks the claim to find out if it’s indeed true. Get the answer HERE.

Obama reduced to talking about Nicki Minaj
The Obama administration is so desperately trying not to remind people about the horrible economy and failed policies they’ve been reduced to talking about pop stars like Nicki Minaj. The lib singer said something about Mitt Romney that caused quite a stir – what did she say to cause Obama to react?

Answer this: Check out S.E. Cupp’s rapid fire interview with Politico HERE.

Should the pizza guy be boycotted?
President Obama recently visited a pizza shop and the owner became so excited he bear hugged the President and lifted him up off his feet. Since the incident, people have boycotted his shop – Glenn, Pat & Stu debate on radio whether or not that should be the case. And also, how was this guy not taken down by Secret Service? WATCH

Remember that delicious dish Grandma used to ‘make with love’?
Small businesses make their products with love, too – and dedicated hard work. The Marketplace can testify that there’s just something special about their products, just like family.

Obama’s Brother Finds His Keeper
(Hint: it’s not Barack Obama) – MORE.

Premiere Highlights
A week of big announcements and big premieres kicked off on Monday night with the debut of the latest addition to TheBlaze TV line-up: Wilkow!. Check out some of the highlight’s to Andrew Wilkow’s new show HERE.

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Movie Night with Glenn!
Since Glenn couldn’t personally visit every city in America on his Unelectable 2012 comedy tour, he has decided that the final show will be simulcast LIVE in movie theaters all over the country on September 20th. Watch Glenn drown in his own sweat while you relax in air conditioning, eating nachos and Milk Duds. Get your tickets and all the details!

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